How to Open PNB Bank Statement PDF Password

Punjab National Bank or PNB is one of the prominent banks in the public sector catering to the needs of its customers to the utmost level. among all its services one major service is to provide a bank statement. you may be getting a bank statement every month to your email but when you will open it will ask for a Password. In this article, we will learn how you can open PNB bank statement PDF Password.

The bank statement contains important information about your transactions done for a particular interval of time.

Bank provides extra security to your file by protecting it with a Password. It is because unauthorized people should not have access to your bank statement details.

The bank statement also shows the withdrawal amount and how much amount is in your bank. so it is very crucial to secure your account statement.

How to Get PNB Bank Statement in PDF format to your Email

In order to receive a monthly statement from PNB, you need to register your email ID with the bank.

After registering your email ID you can subscribe to a monthly statement by following the below process.

  • Log in to PNB Internet Banking portal.
  • On the Dashboard under Other Services tab select Service Requests.
How to Get PNB Bank Statement in PDF format to your Email
  • Now from the drop-down choose New Requests and click on Ok.
click on new requests
  • From Request Type list select Email Statement Registration.
select Email Registration
  • Choose your Account number from the dropdown and click on Continue.
How to Get PNB Bank Statement in PDF format to your Email
  • On the next screen click on Submit.
Click on Submit.
  • Your Registration to email statement has been done successfully. you will see confirmation message on the screen.

You received your PNB Bank Statement to your email ID. The next process is to open the Password-protected PDF file.

Steps to Open PNB Bank E-Statement PDF Password Online

You can follow the below process to open a PDF.

  • Log in to your email account registered with PNB like Gmail, yahoo etc.
  • Open the Email received from the bank which contains the monthly statement. Download the PDF attached to the email and click to open it.
  • A message will pop up on the screen saying Enter Password.
  • The Password will be your 9 digit customer ID. enter the customer ID in the place of a password. you can get customer ID on the front page of Passbook. Find your Customer ID.
  • After entering the password i.e. Customer ID click on Ok. your Password-protected PDF will open.


We have seen how you can subscribe to monthly email statement through internet banking in PNB and how you can open Password-protected PDF easily.

Every time the statement comes to your email ID you need a password. It will be the same always i.e. customer ID. I hope you liked this information.

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1: How to de-register from an email statement?

a. Log in to PNB Internet Banking.
b. On the Dashboard under the Other Services tab select Service Requests.
c. From the Request, Type list select Email Statement De-Registration.
d. Select your account number from the dropdown and click on Continue.
e. Now click on Submit button.
f. you have successfully de-registered yourself from the email statement.

2: How to find Customer ID in PNB?

The easiest way to find it is in your PNB Passbook. you will see it on the front page of the passbook.

Else you can get it from Internet/Mobile banking or in the Account statement.

3: How to open PNB Bank/Account statement PDF Password?

Your PNB bank statement PDF Password is your 9 digit Customer ID. Hence, for opening a bank statement enter your customer ID as a Punjab National Bank statement Password. This will open your Account/Bank statement.

4: What is the frequency of email statements?

You will receive it monthly.

4 thoughts on “How to Open PNB Bank Statement PDF Password”

  1. To open your PNB BANK MPASSBOOK PDF STATEMENT u just have to enter your full bank account number as your password NOT your customer id.

    • Thanks for the reply. However, this information is about getting a PNB E-Statement from the bank to your registered email ID every month and how you can open it. you do not have to do it manually .M passbook is a different PNB App to check your account statement, balance, etc. In the M passbook, you have to send a statement manually to your email ID and you can open it with only your 16 digit Account Number.


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