PNB Parivar – PNB HRMS Login Portal for Staff

Punjab National Bank (PNB) is one of the most popular Public sector banks in India. PNB has more than 1 lakh employees in India. To manage the employee Data PNB has launched HRMS Application. It is equally beneficial to PNB employees as well. In this post, we will dig into PNB Parivar – PNB HRMS Login Portal for Staff in detail.

But Before You should know the basic meaning of HRMS in order to understand the later part of the content easily.

What is the meaning of HRMS?

HRMS Full form is “Human Resource Management System” which means the portal or a software application that supports the various functionalities of a company’s HR or Human Resources department like payroll, recruiting, taxation, training and performance review, salary structure, organization structure, etc.

Now that you have a fair idea of what is HRMS in short. let’s see the features of Punjab National Bank HRMS.

PNB HRMS Portal Features and Benefits to its employees

There are various features and benefits of this portal. you can check out below.

  • Leave request and approval. A PNB employee can easily apply for a leave using this portal and their manager can also approve the leave using this portal.
  • Check your leave balance on this HRMS Portal. yes, you can track your leaves so that it can help you to plan your vacation.
  • PNB Holiday list. using this portal you can keep an eye on the upcoming holiday.
  • Reimbursement. You can use this portal to reimburse the expenses like travel, food, transport as per the company policies.
  • Check Account Balance. You can check your Salary Bank Account balance anytime.
  • Salary and Pension Slip. PNB employee can always get their salary slip using this portal, also pensioners can get their pension slips as well.
  • Attendance. PNB employees check their attendance on this HRMS application. they can even get their Biometric report as well on this portal.
  • PNB Circulars and Event update. Employees can use this portal to update themselves about PNB Circulars such as Monthly/division/yearly/internal etc.
  • Provident Fund. PNB employees can even track their PPF account using the PNB Parivar HRMS application portal.

Who can access PNB Parivar HRMS Portal?

All the employees of PNB in India can access this portal. Punjab National Bank launched the PNB Parivar mobile application as well for their employees. so that they can access it anytime, anywhere.

This Portal is accessible to even Retired employees as well. They can log in using their PF Number.

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How to Register for PNB HRMS Portal?

If you are a new joiner to PNB you will get your user ID and Password from the bank HRMS team through email. you can create your own Password as well at the time of login.

In case you do not get your Login details, ask your bank branch where you work or maintain your account ( for Pensioners) and request the bank officials to send an email from branch email Id to the respective Circle HRMS team for Registering in HRMS.

How to Login to PNB Parivar HRMS Portal?

In order to login to PNB Parivar HRMS Portal follow the steps below.

  • Visit PNB HRMS Portal Official website.
  • If you are logging into the PNB HRMS portal for the first time create a Password first with a combination of PAN number and Date of Birth in the given format i.e. XXXX9876XDDMM.For example – If an employee has a PAN number as ABCDE1234Z and a Date of Birth as 10-01-1987. The password will be ABCDE1234Z1001
  • Now Enter your User ID and and password and click on the Sign In button.
How to Login to PNB Parivar HRMS Portal?
  • Once your details are verified you will be logged into PNB HRMS portal.

PNB HRMS Portal login for Retired Employees and Pensioners

Retired employees can use their PF account number as a User ID and DOB as a password to log in to the PNB HRMS portal.

If you have any issues you can contact the PNB branch you were working on before retirement. they will fix your issues.

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How to log into the PNB Parivar HRMS mobile Application

For the benefit of the employee, PNB has launched PNB Parivar mobile application which can be accessed anytime anywhere.

In order to log in to this mobile App follow the steps below.

  • Download and install PNB Parivar mobile app to your phone.
  • Launch the mobile app and Enter your PF Number and click on the Register button.
How to log into the PNB Parivar HRMS mobile Application
  • Once your PF number is verified on the next screen enter your Password ( your Date of birth will be your Password).
  • Once both the information PF number and Password are correct you will be able to log into the PNB Parivar app easily.
  • you have successfully logged into PNB Parivar mobile app. enjoy the services.

How to Contact PNB HRMS Portal Customer Care?

If you have any issues in Punjab Nation Bank (PNB) Parivar HRMS Portal you can contact the below-mentioned address and number.

Write to PNB Registered Address

Punjab National Bank
Head Office – Human Resource Management Division
PNB Corporate Office
Plot No. 4, Sector 10, Dwarka
New Delhi – 11075

Customers can even call the PNB HRMS Customer Care Department Number – 011-28075196/97


In this article you have learned about PNB Parivar – PNB HRMS Login Portal for Staff, how retired staff can log in to the PNB HRMS portal. Also, we have discussed how to log in to PNB Parivar mobile application.

I hope the above information will be useful in logging into the PNB Parivar HRMS portal. if there are any questions/doubts related to this information you can ask in the below comment section. I will be happy to answer them.

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1: What is the Customer Care Number of the PNB HRMS portal?

You can call the PNB HRMS customer care number 011-28075196/97 regarding any issues in HRMS Portal.

2: Can the PNB HRMS portal accessed by the PNB retired employees?

yes, the PNB HRMS portal is accessible to the PNB retired employees. they need to log in using their PF number and Date of Birth.

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