What is PNB mPassBook?

Punjab National Bank(PNB) provides many online services to its customers in order to serve in a better way. In this aspect, PNB introduced mPassBook which is the online version of the regular passbook. We will discuss PNB mPassBook, its features, and other related information in this article

In other words, we can say that PNB mPassBook is a digital version of the passbook. It is helpful to PNB customers as they can view the mini statement, transaction details, transaction history through the mobile app.

PNB Customers can even download and send the Account statement to their Registered email ID.

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PNB mPassBook Requirements

To use this mobile app there are few requirement to be met. you can find them below.

  • User should be Retail customer of PNB with registered mobile number.
  • Customer should have Android phone with version 5.1 and above.

Features of PNB mPassBook

There are some key features of mPassBook which is mentioned below.

  • It is Customer ID based Registration mobile App. In case of multiple people want to check their Account Balance they can use their customer ID.
  • mPassBook App is based on the M-Pin log-in facility which means customers need not to remember the complex password and long username. only they have to remember four digits M-Pin in order to log in to this app.
  • PNB customers can view mini statement and detailed statement of their account on this mPassBook mobile App.
  • You can even download and save the detailed statement to your device and can check it anytime.
  • You too have the facility to send the email to your registered email ID directly from the detailed statement screen in this app.
  • mPassBook has a feature to show the statement of Savings, Current, Overdraft, and Recurring accounts.

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How to Register for Punjab National Bank mPassBook App

It is very easy to register yourself to this app. follow the steps mentioned below.

  • After downloading this app you need to enter your Customer Id in order to Register.
  • You can find Customer Id on the front side of your printed Passbook.
  • You can also find customer Id through internet banking by following the path below. Log in to internet banking using your credentials—->Click Personal Settings—->Select View Personal details—->Here you can see your Primary Customer ID.

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Advantages of PNB mPassBook

There are many advantages of using mPassBook. some of them we will discuss here.

Time Saving

As we know earlier we had to visit the bank branch to update the Passbook to know the balance and transaction details. many times we had to return due to network fault, technical fault, due to the long queue, etc. However, with the introduction of mPassBook, we can check our Passbook anytime, anywhere.

Thus it saves our time a lot. We do not have to waste out time by visiting the branch just to update our passbook.

Multiple Account details Check

Earlier we could able to check transaction details of only one account through Regular Passbook. but with mPassBook, we can check the transaction details of multiple accounts in the PNB.

Facilities to save, download and email statement

mPassBook provides the facility to save and download our transaction details on a mobile device. this is very helpful as we can check it whenever we need it.

It also provides facility to email the statement directly to our Registered email ID.

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We have learned the details about PNB mPassBook, its advantages, its features in detail. we have also discussed how we can register for this mobile app which is very easy.


1. Is there any charges for using mPassBook?

This app is free for use. your telecom operator may charge for sending an SMS.

2. In case of dual SIM phone which number should I choose for Registration?

You have to select the number which is registered with the bank.

3. Can I do fund transfer, bill payments through mPassBook App?

No, mPassBook can only be used to view transaction done. it is not for making any financial transactions.

4. Where I can get my Customer ID?

  • It is Printed on your Passbook.
  • If you are internet banking user find customer ID using the following path.

Login to the internet portal ->Personal Settings -> View Personal Details -> Primary Customer Id

  • You too can visit branch for any help.

5. PNB Customer Id consists of how many digits?

It contains 9 digits.

6. Where should I contact if there is any query about PNB mPassBook?

If you have any queries about the mPassBook app you can send an email to mobhelp@pnb.co.in.

7. Who can use mPassBook?

All retail customers of PNB can use this app having their mobile number registered with the bank.

8. What are the required things to register for mPassBook?

  • Android Phone with version 5.1 and above.
  • Internet connection.
  • Mobile number register with the bank to send SMS.
  • Nine digits Customer ID

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