PNB SMS Banking Services

Punjab National Banking(PNB) is an Indian public sector bank providing numerous services for its customers. one of the major services among them is providing SMS Banking. A customer who wants to keep a check on his/her transactions can just send an SMS to the bank from their mobile number.

SMS banking is really helpful as it provides the basic banking feature through SMS. We will discuss all the aspects of SMS banking in this article.

Feature and Benefit of PNB SMS Banking

There is a number of benefits of using PNB SMS banking services. key features and benefits are listed below.

  • The most important feature of SMS Banking is safety. your account is secure as each time you receive an OTP to authorize online transactions to your registered mobile number.
  • It provides freedom to check account details anytime anywhere.
  • PNB Customers can get their last 10 transactions details through Mini statement just by sending as SMS.
  • One can enquire the status of their cheque and also can stop payment of cheque anytime. you can request a new cheque book as well by sending an SMS.

How to Register for PNB SMS Banking

In order to use the services of PNB SMS banking, you need to register your mobile number with the bank.

Services offered through PNB SMS Banking

Once your mobile number is registered with the bank, you just have to send an SMS to 5607040 to avail this feature. You can find below the list of services with the specified Keyword.

Service RequestKeywordExample
Balance EnquiryBAL<space>16 digit Account NumberBAL 159453XXXXXXXXXX
Mini StatementMINSTMT<space>16 digit Account NumberMINSTMT 159453XXXXXXXXXX
Self Transfer Of Funds (daily limit Rs. 5000)SLFTRF<space>FROM A/C<space>TO A/C<space>AMOUNTSLFTRF 159453YYYYYYYYYY 924424XXXXXXXXXX 500
Cheque Status EnquiryCHQINQ<space>CHEQUE NUMBER<space>16 digit Account NumberCHQINQ 669988 159453XXXXXXXXXX
List of PNB ServicesSMS “PNB PROD”“PNB PROD”
To Stop Payment of ChequeSTPCHQ<space>CHEQUE NO.<space>16 digit Account numberSTPCHQ 669988 159453XXXXXXXXXX

PNB also provides SMS Alert services which can be very helpful to keep yourself updated about your daily transactions. let’s get an idea about this.

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PNB SMS Alert Services

You will receive an alert to your registered mobile number for all the transactions done through cards like withdrawal of money through ATM, using POS machine for payment, e-commerce transactions, etc.

How to Register for SMS Alert Services

You need to visit your bank branch in order to register your mobile number. After registering your mobile number you will be eligible for SMS Alert services.

Charges for SMS Alert

Type of AccountCharges
Saving AccountRs.15/ per Quarter
Other than saving AccountsRs. 25/ per Quarter

NOTE– Above charges are exempted for Basic Saving Deposit Account / Accounts under PMJDY, Senior Citizen Accounts, Students / Vidyarathi Accounts, Mitra Accounts, Staff & Ex-staff Accounts.

Other Services by PNB through SMS Banking

PNB provides a sleep easy facility to its customers by which they can disable Internet/Mobile banking Password by sending an SMS.

This is good for those who are not using internet/mobile banking on a regular basis. Also, it provides security to their account. However, you can Re-enable whenever you need it through a single click. send SMS in the below-mentioned format.

Service RequestKeywordType of Users
Disable your PasswordBLOCK IBS to 9264092640 or 5607040For Retail Internet Banking users
Disable your PasswordBLOCK MBS to 9264092640 or 5607040For Mobile Banking users


We have discussed all the services offered by PNB through SMS Banking. It is very useful for its customers as they just have to send an SMS from their registered mobile number.

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