How to Generate an ATM PIN in Cent Mobile app?

If you are a Central Bank Of India customer and have received an ATM card recently, you must be looking for a way to generate its PIN for further use. In this article, we will discuss how to generate an ATM PIN in Cent mobile app.

Requirements to Generate an ATM PIN Using Cent Mobile app

  • You must have an account with the Central Bank of India.
  • You must have registered for Mobile banking.
  • A recent mobile number must be registered with the bank.
  • You must have your Debit ATM card along with you while creating its PIN.

Now that we know the requirements let’s move to the process.

How to Generate an ATM PIN in the Cent Mobile app Step by Step?

  • Download and install Cent Mobile App on your phone.
  • Login to Cent mobile app using your credentials.
  • Next, Click on the Debit card option.
  • Click on the green PIN generation option.
  • Now, Enter the card details as asked on the screen and click on proceed button.
  • You have successfully created your ATM PIN. Visit any bank ATM and change the PIN before doing any transaction.


In this article, we have learned How to Generate an ATM PIN in Cent Mobile app? I hope this information will be helpful.

In case of any questions related to this article, do ask in the below comment section. I will be happy to answer them.

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