How to Apply for New PNB ATM Debit Card Online

Due to technological development, every bank is trying to provide more and more services online for their customers to make services fast and secure. In the same scenario, PNB offers the facility to apply for a debit card online. In this article, we will see how you can apply for a new PNB ATM Debit card online.

You need to apply for a new PNB Debit cum ATM card online in case you blocked your existing PNB card or you want to replace the existing card with another card.

Thankfully you do not have to visit a bank branch. you can apply it online through PNB mobile banking app.

Lets see the process to apply new Debit card online.

How to Apply PNB ATM Debit Card Online

The process to apply new debit card is very simple and easy. make sure you have access to PNB Mobile banking.

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If you do not have access to PNB mobile banking download the PNB ONE mobile app and complete the activation process. Now follow the below steps to proceed further after activation.

  • Open PNB ONE mobile app and log in using your MPIN.
  • Click on Services tab on the home page.
How to Apply PNB ATM Debit Card Online
  • Under Services click on Debit Cards drop-down and select Apply for new debit card.
How to Apply PNB ATM Debit Card Online
  • Now select your Account number and type the name which you wish to print on the Debit ATM card and click on Continue.
How to Apply PNB ATM Debit Card Online
  • Enter your transaction password to confirm your request. click on Confirm button.
  • You have successfully placed a request for a new debit ATM card. you will receive it at your registered address within 10 working days.

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We have seen how the easy process is to apply for new PNB Debit ATM card online. you do not have to visit bank branch for this.


1: In which scenario should I apply for PNB new debit card?

You can apply PNB new debit card in the below scenarios.

  • you lost & blocked your previous card.
  • looking for more facilities in debit card hence you wish to replace the existing Debit card with new one.

2: What happens if I lose my Debit card?

you should block your Debit card as soon as possible by calling customer care or using internet/mobile banking. Simultaneously you can also apply for a new Debit card.

3: Will the replaced debit card have the same card number?

No, the card will have a different number. you need to update the new card number on the e-commerce portal for payment.

4: I already have a debit card and have requested for new one also. Should I block the existing one?

It depends on you. if you want to keep both cards you can keep else block the previous one if you do not require it. the bank will put a charge on both cards.

5: How long it will take bank to deliver new Debit ATM card to my address?

The new ATM Debit card will be delivered within 10 working days to your registered address.

It may get delay sometimes from the courier service department. so, in this case, you need to wait.

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