How much money we can transfer from Yono LITE SBI

State Bank of India (SBI) is one step ahead to provide services to its customers. for this, it launched YONO (You need only once) mobile app. Using this mobile app we can do almost every banking task. In this article, we will learn about How much money we can transfer from Yono LITE SBI.

You must know the limit of transferring money through YONO SBI to any other bank account or to the account in SBI.

In order to use YONO SBI for transferring money, you must fulfill the requirements mentioned below.

Requirements to transfer money using YONO SBI App

  • SBI Net Banking User name and Password.
  • Mobile number must be registered with your bank account and you should have that mobile number with you to receive OTP.
  • Beneficiary Account Number, Mobile number and IFSC Code.
  • You need UPI ID if you transfer using UPI method.
  • Need MMID to transfer using MMID + Mobile Number.

Now that we know the requirements let’s know how much money you can transfer from YONO SBI.

How much money we can transfer from Yono LITE SBI?

Using YONO LITE SBI App, you can use various methods to transfer money. Check below the transfer modes and their transfer limit.

Transfer within Self Accounts

You can transfer up to Rs. 2,00,00,000 within your accounts per day.

Third-Party Transfer within SBI

The limit to do third-party transfers within SBI is Rs. 10,00,000 per day.

Interbank Transfer – NEFT

The limit is Rs. 10,00,000 per day.

Interbank Transfer – RTGS

The limit is Rs. 10,00,000 per day.

IMPS Transfer

Per transaction limit and the overall daily limit is Rs. 2,00,000.

Quick Transfer

The Quick transfer limit is Rs. 25,000 per day and per transaction. The overall daily limit is Rs. 2,00,000 including all bank account transfers.

mCash Transfer

1,101 – Per Transaction

2,202 – Per Day

5,101 – Per Month

The charge for mCash transfer is Rs. 2.50 Per transaction +Tax.

UPI Transfer

The transaction limit is Rs 1,00,000 per day.

How much money we can transfer from Yono LITE SBI:

Transfer Modes Transfer Limit Per day Charges
NEFTRs. 10 Lakh Nil
 IMPSRs. 2 LakhNil
 RTGSRs. 10 LakhNil
Quick TransferRs. 25,000 per transactionNil
SBI mCashRs. 1,101 per transaction, Rs. 2,202 in a day, and Rs. 5,101 in a monthRs. 2.50 per transaction+Tax
UPIRs. 1 Lakh per transaction per dayNil

How to Transfer Money through YONO LITE SBI Mobile App using the above methods

You can find below the transfer methods in brief.

Transfer through NEFT/RTGS/IMPS: Login to YONO LITE SBI App using your Username and Password. add beneficiary details, choose the option IMPS/NEFT, enter the amount and proceed to transfer funds.

SBI Quick Transfer: Customers of SBI having access to internet banking can transfer funds online without adding beneficiaries using SBI Quick transfer service. you can send money using Account details only.

Transfer through mCash: You can transfer funds using mCash without adding beneficiaries. Login to YONO SBI mobile app using your Username and Password. on the dashboard click on the Fund Transfer option, next click on Send mCash, enter the beneficiary mobile number or email ID and amount to transfer. Click on Submit button.

Transfer through UPI: Use any UPI-enabled mobile apps like Google Pay, BHIM, PhonePe, Paytm and transfer money just by knowing the beneficiary’s mobile number.


In this article, you have learned How much money we can transfer from Yono LITE SBI using various methods. I hope this information will be useful in transferring money using this app.

In case if you have any questions/doubts related to the above information, do ask in the below comment section. I will be happy to answer them.

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1: How can I transfer more than Rs. 25000 from SBI Yono?

You can use UPI, NEFT, IMPS, RTGS transfer methods if you want to transfer more than Rs. 25000 in a day.

2: Can I transfer more than 1 lakh through Yono SBI?

Yes, you can transfer more than 1 lakh using YONO SBI Mobile App. you have to use the IMPS or NEFT transfer mode for this.

3: How can I transfer 50000 in SBI without adding beneficiary?

You can use SBI Quick transfer method if you want to transfer funds to more than one account.

If you want to transfer funds of Rs. 50000 to the same account you can use NEFT/IMPS or UPI transfer methods.

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