How to Withdraw Money From SBI ATM

State Bank of India (SBI) one of the people’s favorite banks in India is having customers of over 40 crores. At the time time of opening a bank account with SBI, you will get SBI Passbook, ATM card, cheque book as a welcome kit. SBI Internet banking services will be also available at your request.ATM card is used for various purpose but in this post, we will learn how to withdraw money from SBI ATM 24*7.

This guide will be helpful to those who just opened an account in SBI and got a new ATM card. make sure you activate your SBI Debit ATM card first.

Now you have activated your ATM card, let’s jump to the process of withdrawing cash from the ATM.

Steps to Withdraw Money From SBI ATM

  • Visit any SBI ATM machine near you with your Debit ATM card.
  • Insert your Debit ATM card in the given slot. wait for sometime in case someone has withdrawn money just before you. Enter the ATM card only when the slot light starts blinking.
  • Choose your preferred language.
  • Enter your 4 digit PIN number.
  • Select the option withdrawal on the screen.
  • Choose type of your account i.e. saving account or current account.
  • Enter the amount you want to withdraw from your bank account.
  • Wait for the transactions to complete.
  • The ATM machine will dispense the cash after completing transaction. Collect the cash.
  • you can choose to print receipt option also if will be generated at the end of transaction.


We have learned how to withdraw money from SBI ATM in simple steps. I hope you will find this article useful. If you have any questions regarding this article ask in the below comment sections.


1: How much money I can withdraw from SBI ATM in one day?

You can withdraw Rs. 40000 in a day from SBI ATM. In a single transaction you can withdraw Rs. 10000.

2: How to withdraw money from SBI bank without ATM card?

You can use the SBI YONO cash facility to withdraw money without an ATM card. for more details read the SBI YONO cash withdrawal process.

3: How to check balance in an ATM machine of an SBI ATM card?

  • Visit any ATM machine and insert your ATM card in the ATM card slot.
  • use a keypad to enter your 4 digit ATM PIN.
  • Select balance from the available option on the screen.
  • You will see your ATM balance on the screen or you can take a print as well.
  • Your transaction is done.

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