How To Temporary Block/Unblock ICICI Debit ATM Card Online

ICICI Bank provides various online facilities to its customers like Internet Banking, Mobile banking, redeeming reward points, etc. It also provides the facility where you can temporarily Block/Unblock ICICI Debit ATM Card Online. In this article, we are going to learn how to do this.

In case you are not using your Debit ATM card very often, you can temporarily block it, and when your use it just unblock it. this can be done just in a minute. if you have lost your card you can block it as well.

This will keep your Debit Card safe from any fraudulent and unauthorized transactions.

Requirements to Block ICICI Bank Debit ATM Card

  • ICICI Bank Mobile banking registration should be done to block/unblock card online using mobile app.
  • Your Debit Card must be in active status.

How To Block/Unblock ICICI Debit ATM Card Online

This process is only to block your Debit ATM card for some time like for a day or a week. In case if you want your debit card to be blocked permanently you can do it online but you can never unblock it.

If you are planning to block your ATM card temporarily so that you unblock it later follow the steps below.

  • Download and install iMobile App to your phone.
  • Register and login to the app using MPIN or your fingerprint.
  • Once you login successfully on the home screen you will see your Saving Account Number. below that Debit Card option is available. click on the Debit Card.
  • On the next screen you will see your Debit Card details like card holder name, expiry date etc. below your ATM card there is an option Card Block. Click on that.
  • On the next screen Select card type from the drop-down (Credit or Debit Card) , select action you want to perfom from the drop-down (Block or Unblock), select your account number, select Card number, and the most important to select Block type, If you are blocking your card for som time select Temporary option from the dropdown. click on Submit button.
  • Check your details one more time in the Pre-confirmation screen and finally click on the Submit button.
  • you will see the successfull message on the screen about your card blocking. click on the OK button.
  • Congrts!! your Debit ATM card is blocked temporarily.

You can use the same procedure to Unblock your ATM Debit Card. Just you have to select Unblock option instead of Block and you will easily unlock your card.


In this article, you have learned How To Temporary Block/Unblock ICICI Debit ATM Card Online. Make sure you select the option temporary from the drop-down if you want to block the card for some time. I hope this information will clear your doubt.

If you have still any queries related to the ICICI Debit card block you can ask in the below comment section. I will be happy to answer them.

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1: If I block my Debit card temporarily will it unblock automatically after a few days?

No, You need to unblock your Debit Card manually through Mobile App. It will not unblock automatically.

2: If I block my card permanently will my account will get close?

No, only your Debit Card will be blocked not your account.

3: How can I unblock my Icici Debit card online?

a. Login to the ICICI iMobile App using your MPIN, fingerprint.
b. Click on Debit card
c. Click on Card Block.
d. Select Card type
e. Select action you want to perform
f. Select your Account Number
g. Select Card Number
h. Select Block type
i. Click on the Submit button.

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