How to get BOI Mini Statement by Missed Call and SMS?

Bank of India (BOI) is one of the popular banks in India providing its services across the country. It provides various online services. But in this article, we will focus on how you can get a Bank of India (BOI) mini statement by missed call and SMS?

BOI cares about all types of customers and hence it introduced missed call and SMS facilities for the person who does not have access to internet banking or mobile banking.

Even to get this you do not have to visit ATM or bank branch an individual time and moreover you can get this anytime anywhere just by giving a missed call or sending an SMS.

Things Required to get mini statement and balance through SMS or missed call

In order to avail the facility of getting mini statement and balance following things, you must do.

  • Register your mobile number with the bank. In case if your mobile number is not registered or another number is registered visit the branch update the latest mobile number.
  • You will get the balance and mini statement only on your registered mobile number.

How to get BOI Account balance through missed call

Once you have registered your mobile number with the bank follow the below process to proceed.

  • From your registered mobile number dial the below number

09015135135 or 09266135135

  • Wait for the call to disconnect automatically.
  • After few seconds you will get SMS on your phone.
  • Open the SMS to view your BOI account balance.

How to Get BOI Mini Statement through SMS

In order to avail of this service, your mobile number should be registered for Mobile banking. you can activate mobile banking service either through internet banking or by visiting your home branch.

After activating the mobile banking service you need to set 4 digit SMS password. this password will be used to receive a mini statement on a registered mobile number.

Once all this process is over you need to just send an SMS from your registered mobile number in the below format in order to get a mini statement.

How to Get BOI Mini Statement through SMS

TRANS<space><SMS Password> and send it to +919810558585

E.g.- TRANS 1234

You will receive the details of the last 5 transactions within a minute to your mobile phone.


We have seen how to get BOI balance through missed calls and mini statement by sending an SMS. I hope the above information will be useful. Any questions regarding this you can put in the comment section below.

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