How to Check Bank of India Account Balance?

Bank of India (BOI) is one of the major public sector banks in India providing services through its more than 5000 branches across India. As the country is moving towards digitalization BOI made the balance check process very easy. In this article, you will know How to Check the Bank of India Account Balance?

Go through this complete article to know all the methods of checking BOI account balance.


Before moving to the process of balance check make sure you follow all the requirements mentioned below.

Requirements to Check Bank of India Bank Balance

  • You should have an account in the Bank of India.
  • Mobile Number must be registered with your Bank Account.
  • Keep active SMS Plan or sufficient balance to your mobile number to receive or send an SMS.

Have all the above required things?

If yes, Proceed to the balance check methods.

Bank of India Balance Check Missed Call Number

BOI customers can dial 090151 35135 from their Registered Mobile Number and know their balance easily just by giving a Missed Call.

Bank of India Balance Check Missed Call Number

Bank of India Balance Check Missed Call Toll-Free Number – 09015 135135

Dial the above toll-free number from your registered mobile number. The call will automatically disconnect after one or two rings. The customer will then receive an SMS containing the details of their account balance.

Bank of India Balance Check through SMS

In order to use BOI SMS Banking service you need to register first for Mobile Banking.

BOI Balance Check through SMS

After Successful registration sends an SMS in the below format to 98105 58585.

NOTE: SMS Password is nothing but 4 digit MPIN you need to create while registering for Mobile Banking.

DescriptionSMS Format
Balance EnquiryBAL<space>SMS Password
For Ex. BAL 9876
Status of ChequeCHQSTS<space>SMS Password<space>Cheque Number
For Ex. CHQSTS 9876 56789
Password ChangeCHGPWD<space>Old Password<space>New Password
For Ex. CHGPWD 9876 1234

Get Bank of India Mini Statement through SMS

Using Mini Statement you can check your BOI latest account balance as well as your last 5 transaction details.

Get Bank of India Mini Statement through SMS

Follow the below SMS format and send it to 98105 58585

TRANS<space>SMS Password ,For Example TRANS 9876 (SMS Password is 4 digits MPIN)

Bank of India Balance Check through Customer Care

Customers of BOI can call their bank customer service department in order to know their account balance.

Bank of India Balance Check through Customer Care

Bank of India Balance enquiry Customer Care toll-free number :

1800 103 1906 or 1800 220 229

Dial the above Toll-Free Number and follow instructions given on the IVRS system, you need to enter either Account Number, Customer ID, or ATM details in order to know your bank account balance.

Bank of India Balance Check Online Using Internet Banking

If you have access to the Bank of India Net Banking facility, just log in to your net banking account using your User ID & Password, and check the balance easily.

Customers can do Bank of India Net Banking Registration online in order to access it. you do not need to visit the bank. Register online and enjoy BOI Net Banking services.

Bank of India Balance Check Online through Mobile App

To use this facility, your mobile number must register with your bank account. if it is already registered then you can download the BOI Mobile App to your phone.

First-time users can register for the BOI Mobile Banking Services using a Debit ATM Card or User details. Set Login PIN and Transaction PIN.

Post successful Registration login using customer ID or Mobile Number or User ID and Password. Click on the My Account tab and view your balance.

Alternatively, you can click on the mPassbook tab and check your account balance as well.

Check BOI Account Balance Using UPI

You can register your Bank of India account to any of the UPI-enabled mobile apps like Google Pay, BHIM, PhonePe, Paytm.

After registering just go to your linked account and click on that. Now, click on the tab view account balance, enter your UPI PIN, and your bank account balance is on the screen.

Check BOI Account Balance by Visiting ATM

Visit any ATM Center nearby and follow the steps below in order to check the balance.

Insert your Debit ATM card to ATM Machine -–> select language -–> Enter 4 digit PIN number -–> Choose the option balance inquiry -–> select type of account (Current or savings) -–> View your balance on the screen.

Know BOI Account Balance Using Passbook

You can know your account balance using a passbook as well, by visiting your nearest BOI bank branch.

If you find Passbook Printing Kiosk Machine in your bank branch, scan the barcode present on the passbook, insert your passbook, and update it easily.

If not, Request bank officials to update your bank passbook. once updation is done you can check your latest account balance along with all the transaction details in the passbook.


You have learned all the possible ways to check your Bank of India account balance. Use any of the above methods at your convenience. I hope you will find this information useful.

If you have any questions/doubts related to this information do ask in the below comment section. I will try my best to answer all of them.

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1: What is the Bank of India Mini Statement Number for sending an SMS?

Send an SMS to 98105 58585 from your registered mobile number in format TRANS<space>SMS Password.

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