How to Fix the Issue” Standard Chartered Bank Credit Card Declined Transaction”

Standard Chartered Bank or SC Bank is the leading global bank offering a wide range of services and products online like Debit Card, Credit Card, Net Banking, Mobile Banking, etc. if you already have an SC Bank credit card and you are facing a Transaction Declined” Issue then you should read this post. we will discuss How to Fix the Issue” Standard Chartered Bank Credit Card Declined Transaction” in this article.

There can be various reasons for transaction failure issues in Card, let’s see some of the main reasons for this issue.

Before moving to the reason for transaction failure let’s see first what does it mean?

What is Transaction Declined in Credit Card?

In simple terms, it means when you are using your credit card to purchase anything online and because of any issue your transaction did not succeed that is called transaction declined.

For Example – you are purchasing your favorite mobile gadgets from any online store using your credit card, you entered credit card details correctly however when you are in the final stage of the process you get a message on the screen i.e your transaction declined.

How to fix the “Standard Chartered Bank Credit Card Transaction Declined” Issue

There might be plenty of reasons why you are getting this error while using the card. we will try to cover the scenarios for this error and also the ways you can fix it.

Solution 1: Check your SC Bank Transaction Settings

This is the most important reason behind transaction failure. follow the steps below to check the settings if is correct.

  • Login to the SC Mobile India Mobile Banking App using your Username & Password or Fingerprint.
  • Once you login succesfully ,on the home page click on three lines on the left top of the screen and select the option Help & Services.
  • On the next screen tap on Manage Card Usage option. Now you can see your Credit Card and Debit Card details on the screen. select your Credit Card by clicking on the small arrow button.
  • Now you will see the status of your card if it is active or Inactive. Along with this you will also see some option below like Domestic Transactions, International Transactions and Tokenized Transactions. Click on Domestic transactions.
  • Your domesic transactiosn setting will open. Make sure your Domestic transactions is active. scroll a bit down and check if Online Transactions and Contactless Transactions is active. If it is in Block Status change the status to Allow by pulling button on the Allow side. Finally click on the Save button.
  • You will see a successful change setting message on the screen.
  • Now you can do any online transactions without any issue.

Solution 2: Exhausted Credit Card Limit

You might not notice, but you already have exhausted your credit card limit, resulting in transaction failure.

Once the transaction is declined check your card limit and if you have already consumed your limit, pay your bill or use another credit card.

Solution 3: Check your internet Connection

We came across sometimes that the internet is very slow or the internet is not working at all. In that case transaction process will be timed out and your transaction will be declined.

Wait for the network to restore and then use your credit card. it will allow you for sure.

Solution 4: Bank Server is not Responding

Due to an overload of service requests on a particular bank, you may get this error and your credit card transaction will be declined.

Be patient and wait for some time and then try will allow you to use your card. you can even call your respective bank if this error keeps coming.

Solution 5: Contact Customer Care

You can also call customer care to check if there is any technical issue with the credit card or with the bank which is causing this. they will check and let you know about this.

Standard Chartered Bank Customer care number- 1800 345 1000 or 1800 345 5000


In this article, you have learned How to Fix the Issue of” Standard Chartered Bank Credit Card Declined Transaction”. You can give it a try by going through all the above methods to solve this. we will try to look for more scenarios and ways to fix this.

In case if you still have an issue with transactions put your queries in the comment section below.

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