SBI Green Remit Card

The Banking sector in India is growing at a fast pace. In order to meet the customer requirement companies are trying new, easy, and secure ways for transactions. Efforts are also being made to make the banking environment friendly as well. The State Bank of India is also contributing to this by introducing the YONO Cash facility, Green Banking, etc. To further encourage paper-less Banking SBI introduced Green Remit Card. In this article, we will cover the details of the SBI Green Remit card, how to use it, and other information.

Let’s start with the definition of Green Remit Card.

What is SBI Green Remit Card?

It is a Magnetic Strip Card without PIN which is targeted to facilitate Non-Home cash deposit transactions to be routed through Green Channel Counter (GCC) or Cash deposit machine (CDM).

The GCC was launched in 2010 to save paper and time. GCC is the counters similar to a POS machine where customers can do at least basic transactions like ,depositing cash, or fund transfer.

This was started also to reduce long waiting queue in the bank hence saving time of the customers.

Also, customers do not have to remember long account numbers or carrying a passbook with them.

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Features and Benefits of SBI Green Remit Card

There are many great features of Remit card. check below to know them.

  • Card can be used for deposit of Cash (INR) to the particular beneficiary’s SBI account.
  • Transaction limit is to Rs. 25000 per transaction with maximum up to 1 lakh in a month.
  • Card is accepted at all green channel counter branches and cash deposit machines.
  • The branch will issue a pre-printed Remit card instantaneously to the remitter/customer.


This card can be issued to all the customers particularly non-account holders who want to send money to the SBI account regularly.

How to Apply for SBI Green Remit Card

The procedure is quite simple and short. you cab follow the below steps to get this card.

  • Visit any GCC (Green channel counter) or CDM (Cash deposit machine) branch.
  • Submit a simple application form along with one ID proof (Voter ID, Aadhaar, Passport, driving license, etc.)
  • Card will be mapped to the particular beneficiary account you send money on regular basis.
  • Beneficiary Account has to be an SBI account.

How to use SBI Green Remit Card to Send Money

You can follow the below steps for sending ,money using Remit card.

  • Visit any GCC or CDM branch.
  • Swipe the Green remit card at the machine.
  • The account particulars will be visible on the screen of the machine.
  • Enter the amount that you wish to send to a particular SBI account and deposit the exact amount of cash in the machine.
  • After collection of cash and verification an acknowledgement note will generate.
  • Both sender and receiver will get an SMS immediately on successful completion of the transaction.
  • The beneficiary SBI account will be updated with the transaction amount along with the Card number.

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Service Charges

Check below the service charges for using SBI Green Remit Card

  • Issue of Card : Rs .20
  • Transaction Charges in GCC/CDM: It is the same which applies to regular non-home cash deposit transactions at the branch


We have learned about SBI Green Remit Card, How to use the card to deposit money in the beneficiary account. I hope this information will be useful.


1: Can I withdraw money using State Bank of India Green Remit Card?

No, This card you can use only to deposit cash to the beneficiary account of SBI.

2: What is full from of GCC and CDM?

GCC stands for – Green Channel Counter

CDM stands for- Cash Deposit Machine

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