What is Green PIN

As the name suggests Green means a kind of freedom from something, and PIN means the personal identification number. Here Green is referring to being paperless .we will discuss this interesting topic what is Green PIN in this article.

In India, we have millions of debit card users and it is increasing with the increase in population. many times it’s very difficult to generate ATM PIN on our Own. we have to visit the bank branch in we have any question and take help from them.

Due to advancements in technology, things became pretty easy. to make PIN generation also easy, convenient, and paperless the concept of Green PIN has been introduced.

Going technically, Green PIN is in form of a one-time password(OTP) which the customer on their registered mobile number.

How Does Green PIN Works?

We create a Green PIN(a form of OTP) in order to change or create a new PIN for the Debit card. In simple terms, It is an OTP that helps to set up or change the new PIN for Debit Card.

We can get OTP in various ways like from ATM, Internet Banking, Through Customer Care and SMS which in result will help to create a new PIN.

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How to Generate Green PIN?

There are various methods to generate this. we will discuss here each one of them in detail.

  • Green PIN generation through ATM
  • Generate Green PIN through SMS
  • Green PIN generation using Internet Banking
  • Green PIN generation by calling Customer Care

How to Generate Green PIN through ATM

Once you have received your ATM/Debit card, visit the nearest ATMs of the respective bank. Follow the below-mentioned steps to generate.

  • Insert ATM card to ATM Machine.
  • Select PIN Generation option.
  • Enter your 11 -digit account number using keypad and then click on confirm.
  • Enter 10 digit registered mobile number and and press confirm.
  • On the next screen, a message will be displayed that the PIN shall be received on the registered mobile number. make sure to enter the correct details. click on confirm
  • After pressing the confirm button message will display on-screen that your PIN generation is successful and your PIN will be delivered to your registered mobile number.

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How to Generate Green PIN through SMS

you can generate Green PIN even by sending SMS from your registered mobile number. follow the steps mentioned below.

  • SMS PIN<space>AAAA<space>BBBB to the given SMS number by your bank from your registered mobile number where AAAA is the last four digit of your debit card number and BBBB is the last four digit of your account number. for Example-

PIN 1234 9887 where “1234” is the last four digits of the debit card and “9887” is the last four digits of the account number.

  • OTP will be sent to the registered mobile number and will be valid for 2 days.
  • you have to create a new PIN using OTP at any State Bank ATM.

How to Generate Green PIN Using Internet Banking

If you have access to internet banking you can easily generate your PIN by following the below-mentioned steps.

  • Select e-services and ATM Card services.
How to Generate SBI ATM PIN through Internet Banking
  • Under ATM Card Services choose ATM Pin Generation.
How to Generate SBI ATM PIN through Internet Banking
  • On the next page choose Using One time Password(OTP) or Using Profile Password.
How to Generate SBI ATM PIN through Internet Banking
  • Check the box Using One Time Password(OTP)
  • You will get OTP in order to change ATM PIN.

How to Generate Green PIN by Calling Customer Care

you can also get OTP by calling customer care which will help you to create PIN. follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Call the respective Bank Contact Center.
  • Follow the instructions and select the right number on IVRS to generate Green PIN.
  • Enter your full card number and account number.
  • After confirming the details OTP will be sent to registered mobile number which will be valid for 2 days.
  • You have to create a new PIN using OTP at any of your bank provider’s ATMs to carry out further transactions.

Advantage of Green PIN

Mentioned below are the main advantages.

  • Cost Savings for Bank. Earlier Bank use to send ATM PIN in envelope through courier. they have to pay the cost of courier as well as Paper.
  • The ATM creation process becomes fast as there is no delay in courier service. customers can only create ATM PIN with the help of Green PIN.
  • The card holders does not have to visit bank branch to collect ATM PIN.
  • The Bank employee also does not have to maintain the records of ATM PIN as its not safe.
  • It is a great initiative toward digital movement and also going Paperless.
  • The Green PIN creating process can be done either online or by visiting ATM which saves our time.

Difference Between Green PIN and Traditional Printed PIN

Green PINPrinted PIN
Customers can use their Debit card anytime after receiving it.Debit Card activation takes 24-48 hours.
Its more secure as OTP is sent to the customer’s registered number.The issue can come when mailing by post like Delay in dispatch, loss in transit, etc.
Customers can create duplicate PINs just by creating Green PIN OTP through SMS and visiting ATM to create a new PIN.For Duplicate PIN Customers has to wait for 7 to 10 days.


1-Why Green PIN?

The term ‘green’ is now globally associated with strategies for protecting, Restoring and increasing declining forest cover and reacting to climate change.

We believe that by going green businesses can improve their operational efficiencies, achieve greater productivity internally, and enhance business services for customers.

The Green Pin model will protect paper from being used in print pin mailers and thus contribute to the Earth’s environment as well as help reduce our bank’s carbon footprint. It will also help our customers to show participation in the Green India Mission.

2-What are the features of Green PIN?

  • It is an OTP of 6 to 8 numeric digits depending on the bank.
  • It is Valid for 48 hours.
  • We can use it only once.

3-What is charged by the bank for providing OTP to the registered mobile number of the customer?

The bank does not charge customers any fee for delivering OTP. The SMS charges are recovered from the customer by the telecom operators as per their SMS plan.

4-Is Green Pin OTP mandatory for PIN setting through ATMs?

Yes, the Customer should have OTP with him/her before doing the Debit Card PIN setting steps at ATMs/Internet Banking account.

5-how much time it takes to deliver OTP on customer registered mobile number?

It will be delivered immediately if the registered mobile number is valid one.

6-Debit card is temporarily blocked for the day due to multiple times wrong entry of PIN. will I get OTP?

The system will only allow OTP generation for an active debit card i.e. if the debit card is temporarily blocked by the system, the customer will have to wait for the next date for the OTP generation

7-What customer has to do if OTP is not used within 48 hours of its delivery?

Customer has to request for new OTP by sending SMS from his/her registered mobile number.

8-Which Bank introduced Green PIN?

The state bank of India(SBI) introduced it 2016.

9-Retail Internet Banking account not allowing the PIN creation. what should I do?

you need to check whether the card number, expiry date, and latest OTP are correct which is received on the registered mobile number.

10-Which OTP will work if customer has sent SMS many times?

The Latest delivered OTP will work. Previously delivered OTPs will automatically expire when a new OTP is generated.

11-Does Green PIN creation process vary from Bank to Bank?

All the process remains the same. only customer care numbers and SMS sending numbers will be different for each bank. The user interface at ATM and online banking may vary for each bank.

12-What is PIN?

PIN stands for Personal Identification Number which is unique 4 digit code assigned to the card account number. This PIN is used at every transaction you do whether online or ATM.

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