How to Activate Internet Banking in SBI

Internet banking brought a revolution in the banking industry as well as in the field of digitization. It is because of the facilities that it provides from checking balance to requesting a new Debit card, Account transfer, and many more. So In case if you are a customer of SBI and still don’t have access to internet banking this article will help you to Activate Internet Banking in SBI.

Process to Activate Net Banking in SBI

In case if you have already opened an account with SBI you can activate internet banking yourself in SBI online. Just follow the below steps in order to complete the process.

Process to Activate Net Banking in SBI
  • Click on New User/Activate link.
Internet banking Activation
  • New window will open, click on Next.
Click on next
  • On the next Screen Enter your Account Number, CIF Number, Branch Code, registered mobile number, the facility required, Captcha, and click on Submit Button.
Process to Activate Net Banking in SBI
  • Enter OTP received on your Registered Mobile Number and click on Confirm.
  • If you have the ATM Card, Enter your card details like Card Number, Expiry Date, Card Holder Name, PIN, Captcha, and click on Proceed.

NOTE-If you do not have an ATM card Internet banking services will be activated by the Branch.

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  • You are requested to create a permanent user ID and login password. Make sure that your password should be 8 characters long, a combination of upper and lower case alphabets, and contains at least one number and one special character.
  • Re-enter the Password to confirm and click on Submit.
  • Your Registration is successful and you are advised to log in to internet banking with your permanent username and Password.

After you activate internet banking you need to set up your Profile Password as well. It is helpful to change/modify anything in our profile like updating mobile number, email ID etc.

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How to Set up Profile Password in SBI

Profile Password provides an additional layer of security to our account from any unauthorized transactions. Follow the process below to set up a profile Password.

  • Log in to SBI Internet banking with your Username and password.
  • Go to My Accounts and Profile and select Set Password.
  • Enter Profile Password of your choice, Re-enter again to confirm, Select Hint Question and Answer which you can remember easily, Enter your Date of Birth and Place of Birth and click on Submit.
  • Your Profile Password and personal details are saved and a message will display as a confirmation for the same.

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In this article we have learned how to Register for internet banking in SBI online. Its very simple process. you can follow it and use the features of internet banking.


1. I have got the pre-printed kit from the branch. how should I activate internet banking?

If you have got a Pre-printed Kit from the branch you can use the normal login screen to access internet banking. the pre-printed kit will be having a username and password in it.

2. How much time it takes to activate internet banking?

It will get activated as soon as you finish the activation process if you are a single account holder. in the case of the joint holder, you have to approach the branch to create your login credentials.

3. Does SBI charge any fee for using SBI internet banking facilities?

No, The bank does not charge any fee for providing net banking facility.

4. Can I change my user name if it is already created?

You can not change your user name once it is created. you can just recover it if you forgot.

5. Can I change my log in Password?

Yes, Of course, you can change it anytime using your Profile Password, ATM card details. Also, you can approach the SBI branch to Reset your Password.

6: My SBI net banking is working in desktop but whereas it is not working in my cell and tablet Why?

In this case Please check the below things:

  • Your Internet Connection in Mobile and tablet is not stable.
  • Try clearing your browser cookies and data.
  • Check once in the private window that is Incognito mode.
  • Look for the error you are getting while accessing SBI Net Banking on Mobile and Tablet.
  • Try switching off and on your Mobile phone.
  • Internet speed and strength are poor. this is very common. if the internet speed is not good, the browser will just keep on loading without any error for a long time.

Make sure you check all of the above scenarios, I hope you will able to access SBI Net Banking in Cell as well as in Tablet.

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