How to Fix the Issue” Kotak Bank Credit Card Transaction Declined”

Kotak Bank is a multinational bank that provides various products & services. One of the main products is its credit card. If you use a Kotak Bank credit card to purchase anything and your transaction got failed you need to read this post How to Fix the Issue” Kotak Bank Credit Card Transaction Declined”?

Here we will try to find all the possible solutions that resulted in transaction failure. There can be various reasons for this.

Before we jump to the main topic, make sure you must know the meaning of transaction declined or failure.

What is Transaction Declined in Credit Card?

In simple terms, it means when you are using your credit card to purchase anything online and because of any issue your transaction did not succeed that is called transaction declined.

For Example – you are purchasing any accessories from an online store using your credit card, you entered credit card details correctly however when you are in the final stage of the process you get a message on the screen i.e your transaction declined.

How to fix the “Kotak Bank Credit Card Transaction Declined” Issue

Well!! There might be plenty of reasons why you are getting this error while doing the payment. we will try to cover the scenarios for this error and also the ways you can fix it.

Solution 1: Check your Kotak Bank Transaction Settings

This is the most important reason behind transaction failure in case the person got a credit card recently. follow the steps below to check the settings if it is correct.

  • Login to the Kotak Bank Mobile Banking App using a 4-digit MPIN.
  • On the home screen, you will see your credit Cards. Click on the card for which the transaction is failing.
  • The selected card details will appear on the next screen. select the Manage Card option on the screen.
  • Under manage cards, you will see Transaction Settings. you will also see the option temporarily lock all transactions, Lock Domestic transactions only, and Lock international transactions only.
  • If your domestic transaction is getting declined make sure to turn it on.
  • If your International transaction is getting declined click on the International Tab and make sure to turn it on.
  • Once you modify the settings you will see a successful message on the screen. you too will get an SMS to your registered mobile number about this update.

By following the above process, you can check your Kotak Bank credit card transaction settings and fix the issue.

Solution 2: Exhausted Credit Card Limit

You might not notice if you are not checking your card limit on a regular basis but you already have exhausted your credit card limit, resulting in transaction failure.

Once the transaction is declined check your card limit and if you have already consumed your limit, pay your bill or use another credit card.

Solution 3: Check your Internet Connection

Sometimes, we come across that the internet is very slow or the internet is not working at all. In that case transaction process will be timed out and your transaction will be declined.

Wait for the network to restore and then use your credit card. it will allow you for sure.

Solution 4: Bank Server is not Responding

Due to an overload of service requests on a particular bank at some point in time, you may get this error and your credit card transaction will be declined.

Be patient and wait for some time and then try will allow you to use your card. you can even call your respective bank if this error keeps coming.

Solution 5: Check Your Card Number

While entering the card number, do not be in hurry. take your time and enter the correct card details along with the right card expiry date & CVV number.

Solution 6: Activate Kotak Bank Credit Card

This happens mainly for the newbie credit card user who got a Kotak Bank credit card recently. Make sure to generate your credit card PIN or activate your Kotak Bank credit card before using it.

Once your credit card is activated you can use it at any place for online purchases.

Solution 7: Contact Customer Care

You can also call customer care to check if there is any technical issue with the credit card or with the bank which is causing this. they will check and let you know about this.

Kotak Bank Customer care number- 1860-266-2666 or if you are an 811 customer dial 1860-2660811.


In this article, you have learned How to Fix the Issue” KotakBank Credit Card Transaction Declined”. You can give it a try by going through all the above methods to solve this. we will try to look for more scenarios and ways to fix this.

In case you still have an issue with transactions put your queries in the comment section below.

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