How To Download IndusInd Bank Account Statement PDF Online

IndusInd Bank is one of the good governance private banks that provides access to various financial products and services. If you are a customer of IndusInd Bank you must know How To Download IndusInd Bank Account Statement PDF Online?

There is a lot of information available in your bank statement so you must check it periodically. you can find a few other benefits of getting an IndusInd Bank Account statement as mentioned below.

Benefit of IndusInd Bank Account Statement

  • Keeping a check on your Bank Account statement on a timely basis will help you to manage your spending in a more efficient way.
  • You can check the rewards points accumulated on your Debit card (if any).
  • IndusInd Bank account statement is free. you do not have to pay anything to avail it.

Requirements to get IndusInd Bank Account Statement

  • You must have access to IndusInd Bank Net Banking or Mobile Banking to get the statement online.
  • Your email ID must be registered with the bank to get IndusInd Bank e-Statement.

How to Download IndusInd Bank Account Statement PDF Online Via Mobile Banking

  • Download and Install IndusMobile: Digital Banking App on your phone.
  • Register and Log in to the App using using your MPIN or fingerprint.
  • Once you Login successfully click on the option Service Requests and then select Account Statement Request option.
  • On the next screen click on Account Statement Request.
  • Next, choose your accout number, select the duration for which you wish to get the statement, check the box Email option or Physical (Charges apply) to receive the statement to your mail or to your registered address. you can customize your dates as well as per your requirement. check your email ID and click on the Next button.
  • On the next screen check the selected details and click on the Confirm button. Use your MPIN or fingerprint to authenticate your details.
  • Your statement request will be successfully placed. you will see service request number on the screen also. click on the Ok button.

Get Your IndusInd Bank Account E-Statement

You can subscribe to the IndusInd Bank e-statement by Registering your email ID with the bank to get your account statement every month. this will also save paper and it will be eco-friendly.

Once you are subscribed to the e-statement, you will get your bank account statement every month or the frequency you have selected to your registered email ID in PDF format.

Get Your IndusInd Bank Account Statement Offline by Visiting Bank Branch

You can visit your IndusInd Bank home branch and request to get your account statement for the desired period.

You may need to write an application mentioning all the details including the statement period duration, financial year, your account number, registered mobile number, etc.

Once you submit the request, your bank statement will be sent to you via post to your registered mailing address with the bank.

How to Open IndusInd Bank Statement PDF Password Online

So, You received your IndusInd Bank Statement to your email ID. The next process is to open the Password-protected PDF file.

You can follow the steps below to open a password-protected PDF file.

  • Log in to your email account registered with IndusInd Bank like Gmail, yahoo etc.
  • Open the Email received from the bank which contains the your e-statement. Download the PDF attached to the email and click to Open it.
  • A message will pop up on the screen saying this file is protected. Enter Password.
  • The password will be your Bank Customer ID. you can find the IndusInd Bank customer ID on your first page of the bank passbook. find your IndusInd Bank Customer ID.
  • After entering the Customer ID, click on the Open button. your Password-protected PDF file will open.


In this article, we have learned How To Download IndusInd Bank Account Statement PDF Online, how to open the bank statement PDF. I hope the information will be useful.

If there are any queries/doubts related to the above information you can ask in the below comment section. I will try my best to answer them.

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1: How can I download my account statement in IndusInd bank?

a. Download IndusInd Bank Mobile App on your phone.
b. Register and Login using 4 digit MPIN.
c. click on the service request and choose the Account Statement request option.
d. select your Account Number from the drop-down.
e. choose the dates for which you want to get the statement.
f. enter your email ID and click on the button Email Statement.
g. your Account Statement has been sent successfully to your Email ID.

2: What is the IndusInd bank statement pdf password?

The password will be your bank Customer ID. you can find the IndusInd Bank customer ID on the first page of the bank passbook.

3: What is the IndusInd Bank Customer Care Number?

IndusInd Bank Customer Care Number = Within India 18602677777 and Outside India 022-44066666.

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