How to Close American Express Credit Card | Close AMEX Credit Card

The American Express Company is a multinational financial services corporation offering its services globally. Although American Express is considered as best for its credit card services if you did not have a good experience with it you can close your Credit Card. In this article, you will learn How to Close American Express Credit Card | Close AMEX Credit Card?

We will discuss the methods using which you can close your American Express Credit card.

Make sure you go through the below important points before canceling or closing your AMEX Credit Card.

Points to Know before proceeding to close AMEX Credit Card

Outstanding Balance: Once American Express receives a request for credit card cancellation or closure, it will convert the entire outstanding due on the card, pending loans, EMI facilities, balance transfers, and any other charges into due. So, It is necessary to clear your balance or dues on the card before requesting the card cancellation. Banks will not accept your request if there are any due payments.

Utilize the Reward Points: The reward points accumulated on your card account should be redeemed. The reward points can be redeemed against card outstanding or against Gift Vouchers available in the rewards catalog.

Avoid Using Credit Card: After having decided to cancel a credit card, make sure not to make payments through the card or make any such transactions. If there is any balance on the card the bank will not cancel the card.

Options to consider before canceling your American Express credit card

In case you are looking for alternatives before canceling your AMEX credit card you can consider the below points.

  • If you have an American Express credit card that doesn’t charge any annual fee, then you can always stay with it. Your account will keep adding credit history in that way, and it also won’t hurt your credit if you don’t use the card.
  • You can request for product change without closing your AMEX Credit card. call customer care and ask if there is any card available based on your requirement. Like you can opt for a credit card that does not charge annual fee.

If you are still thinking to close your AMEX credit card read further…

Close or Cancel American Express Credit Card by Calling Customer Care

American Express Customers can close or cancel their credit card by calling the customer care number India 1-800-419-2122.

If you’re located outside of the US, you can call us to call at 1-336-393-1111.

Call the above number, once the call connects to the executive, request them to close your credit card. They will verify your personal details like Card Number, Name, Mobile number, etc.

After Verifying your personal details they will check your credit card balance if all dues are cleared they will close your credit card without any issue.

Close or Cancel American Express Credit Card through Mail or Post

To close an American Express credit card account, customers may write an application.

Mention your personal details like name, date of birth, card number, expiration date, mobile number, and card closure reason in the letter. Post or mail the application letter to the below-mentioned AMEX registered address.

American Express Banking Corp.
Cyber City Tower C, DLF Building
No. 8, Sector-25
DLF City Phase II
Gurgaon- 122002

Once your request is received by AMEX, the bank officials will go through the request, verify the details, they may call you as well for verification, and if everything is genuine your Credit Card will be closed.

Close or Cancel American Express Credit Card Online Using Net Banking

  • Visit to the American Express website.
  • Log in to your online account using Username & Password.
  • Find the live chat icon in the lower right-hand corner of your screen.
  • Click Chat to start talking to a customer service representative.
  • Once connected, let them know you want to cancel your credit card, verify your identity like your name, adress, card number etc.
  • Once your identity is verified successfully, your credit card will be closed by the AMEX representative.


In this article, we have discussed How to Close American Express Credit Card | Close AMEX Credit Card by calling Customer Care and by sending mail.

You can close or cancel a credit card any time you want, but you should think over the advantages and disadvantages of it before you proceed.

If It is possible keep your old account active as it will boost your credit, and you could always consider a product change instead of account closure.

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1: Can I close an Amex credit card with an outstanding balance?

You can not close a credit card with an outstanding balance. you will have to clear the balance if you want to close the credit card.

2: Will closing my American Express credit card affect my credit?

If you have a good credit score and less utilization, closing your credit card will have a minimal impact on your credit score.

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