SBI Cheque Book Request Through SMS

State bank of India is one of the leading public banks which has branches all over the country. It offers various online services for its customers in order to make our life easy and fast. Among its various services, cheque book request through SMS by SBI is one of the prominent ones.

Why this is prominent? Its because still, the major population in India is using cheque book for transferring money from one account to another as it is the most secure and safe way.

The bank is aware of this customer requirement and hence SBI is making the task even easier by providing service to request a cheque book through SMS.

In this post, we will come to know the steps or procedures about How to request an SBI cheque book through SMS. The process is very simple which is explained below.

Apply SBI Cheque book through SMS

If your mobile number is registered with your bank account then it is very easy and fast to order a cheque book. you just need to send an SMS from your registered mobile.

How to get SBI Cheque Book Through SMS
  • Firstly you need to register your account for SBI Quick Missed Call Banking services. Send the below SMS from your registered mobile number in the given format.

SMS “REG<Space>Account Number” to 09223488888(For Ex-REG 99254375948)

  • Once the SMS is sent you will get a confirmation message about your successful registration.
  • Once you are registered successfully you can send SMS for cheque book in the below format.

Type “CHQREQ” and send it to 09223588888

  • You will receive a confirmation message saying your cheque book request is accepted successfully and it will be delivered to your registered bank address. Along with this, 6 digit code will be also there in the message.
  • The next step is to follow the instructions given to confirm that you have requested it. i.e. Copy the code of 6 digits and send it to 09223588888 within 2 hours of receipt of SMS. (For Ex-CHQACC Y 159663 to 09223588888)

The process of ordering a cheque book through SMS is completed successfully. you will get it to your registered address within 10 working days through courier.

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1: What are the service charges for cheque books in SBI Bank for saving account?

Savings BankThe first 10 cheque leaves free in a financial year.
10 Leaf Cheque Book at ₹40+GST.
25 Leaf Cheque Book at ₹75+GST.
Emergency Cheque Book₹50/ + GST for 10 cheque leaves
or part thereof
Senior CitizenFree

2: How long it will take to arrive my Cheque?

You will get cheque book in 10 working days at your registered address with the bank.

3: Can I get Cheque book from another Mobile number?

Firstly you need to register your mobile number with your bank account, then only you can apply to get a cheque book through SMS.

4:How many leaves I will get in my first cheque?

You will get 10 leaves in your first cheque for any financial year.

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