How to Increase HSBC Credit Card Limit Online | Enhance HSBC Card Limit

HSBC or Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited is a banking and finance company that offers various types of credit cards. each card comes with its own limit. generally, First-time Credit Card users are normally given a low credit but over time if you feel to increase your HSBC credit card limit, go through this article. Today we will discuss How to Increase HSBC Credit Card Limit | Enhance HSBC Card Limit?

There are various methods using which you can place a request to the bank to revise your credit card limit. However, it’s the bank that will decide whether to increase your card limit or not.

Before we proceed to the methods of placing limit increase requests, you should know the factors that affect your credit limit.

How Credit Limit is Determined on a Credit Card?

There are various factors responsible for the card limit. you can find the major ones below.

  • The applicant’s income.
  • Age of the person.
  • Any loans or liabilities or EMIs attached to the applicant.
  • The repayment capacity of the applicant.
  • The Credit History of the person
  • The Credit Score or Credit Rating of the applicant.
  • The type of credit card that is issued.

Requirements to request the HSBC Bank to Increase your Credit Card Limit

  • You must have credit card and it should be linked to your HSBC account.
  • Your mobile number and email ID must be registered with your bank account.
  • Access to Internet banking is needed if you are requesting online.

Documents required to be submitted to Increase HSBC Credit Card Limit

  • The latest copy of your Individual Income Tax Return along with income computation details if you are doing it online.
  • Your salary certificate or payslips of the last two months if you are requesting online.
  • Form 16 which has been attested and sealed by the authorized signatory.
  • Any one of the following self-attested copy for ID proof like PAN card, Driving Licence, Election/Voter’s ID, Government employee ID card, Passport, Aadhaar Card.

How to Check if I am Eligible to request for HSBC Credit Limit Increase?

  • You can request for limit increase after the completion of six months of the card issuance date.
  • No credit limit increase/decrease within last 6 months.
  • There should be at least one purchase in the last three months using your credit card.
  • The credit card should not be over limit.
  • Your KYC should be completed.

How to Increase HSBC Bank Credit Card limit by Calling Customer Care

You can call the number 1800 267 3456 or 1800 121 2208 (Within India) / +91-40-61268002 or +91-80-71898002 (From Overseas) and place a request to increase your HSBC credit card limit.

The bank will go through your details carefully and will update you through call or email if you are eligible for a credit increase.

How to Increase HSBC Bank Credit Card limit Online Using Net Banking

This is the quickest and easiest way to request a credit limit increase. follow the steps below.

  • Visit HSBC Internet Banking official website and log in using your Username and Password.
  • Once you log in successfully click on My Accounts and Select your Credit Card from the account summary screen.
  • Now, Click on the option Manage Card on the right side of the screen and select Manage card and alerts.
  • The HSBC Credit Card website will open.
  • Click on Menu ,then click on Manage card option and select Credit Limit Increase.
  • Finally Submit your request.

How to Increase HSBC Bank Credit Card limit through Post or Mail

Download Credit Limit Enhancement Form from HSBC official website, fill in the form carefully, attach your self-attested latest income document and a copy of self-attested ID Proof as mentioned above, and mail or post it to the below address.

Credit Cards Limit Management
The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited
Building Number 3, Level – 9
Western Express Highway
Goregaon East, Mumbai – 400 063

On getting your request, the bank will verify your details, check all the required documents, and will approve if you meet the bank’s criteria.


In this article, you have learned How to Increase HSBC Credit Card Limit | Enhance HSBC Card Limit. I hope your doubt regarding the HSBC credit limit Increase is cleared.

Make sure you increase your credit card limit if you have a genuine and strong reason, not just to spend more on luxury things otherwise it will create a financial burden on you.

If you have any questions related to the HSBC credit card, you can contact its customer care department and get your queries addressed.

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1: When my HSBC Credit Limit Increase request will be processed?

The credit limit enhancement will be processed within 3 working days after receipt of your documents and form.

2: Can I decrease the credit limit on my HSBC Credit Card?

Yes, you can decrease the limit if your circumstances change by calling the HSBC customer care department.

3: Will I be notified if my credit limit is reduced or increased by the bank?

Yes, after increasing or decreasing your credit limit the bank will update you by sending an email or SMS to your registered email id or mobile number.

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