How to Get SBI Passbook Online

State Bank of India (SBI) one of the most famous banks know to all. It provides various online services to meets its customer’s expectations. maintaining the same reputation SBI launched an online Passbook facility.

In this article, we will learn how you can access your State Bank of India Passbook online. you do not have to visit the bank to just update your passbook.

In order to get the passbook, you should meet up few requirements. you can find them below.

Required things to get SBI Passbook Online

  • You should have access to Internet Banking.
  • SMS pack should be there to receive SMS.

Once you fulfill the above requirements let’s learn how you can check your SBI Passbook online.

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How to Get SBI Passbook Online

  • Download the YONO LITE SBI app to your mobile phone.
  • Log in to this app using your User Name and Password.
  • Now on the home screen click My Accounts tab.
How to Get SBI Passbook Online
  • On the next page click on mPassbook option.
How to Get SBI Passbook Online
  • Now select your account to view mPassbook.
Select your Account
  • On this screen you will be able to see all the transactions done in your account. you can click on the refresh button on the top to see latest transaction.
Your Passbook transactions details
  • This is your State Bank of India online passbook.
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What is mPassbook?

mPassbook is also called a mobile passbook. It is an electronic form of passbook which is used to store and record all the transactions made in your account.SBI mPassbook allow you to see 150 transactions.


we have seen how easily you can view your passbook online in SBI through SBI YONO LITE mobile app. you can use this anytime without visiting your bank. Should you need any further information regarding this article, please write in the comment section below.


1: Can I see my SBI Passbook online?

yes, you can view your passbook online. download YONO LITE SBI APP, log in to this using your internet banking user ID and Password, click on my accounts tab, select account and view your passbook online.

2: Can I view all my transactions from beginning in State bank of India mPassbook?

No, You can only view last 150 transactions in your account.

3: Do I have to visit SBI bank to update digital mPassbook?

No, once you are into mPassbook transactions details you will able to see the refresh icon on the top. just click there and the details will update automatically.

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