How to Get SBI Bank Statement

The State Bank of India allows us to get a bank statement in many ways. In this article, you will come to know about how to get SBI Bank Statement or SBI Account Statement in different ways.

There are mainly two ways to get SBI Bank Statement.

Online modeOffline mode
SBI Bank Statement can be accessed using digital platforms provided by SBI.SBI Bank Statement can be accessed only by visiting the bank branch.

How to get SBI Bank Statement Online?

You can generate an online Bank/Account statement for a specified date range or for any month and year.
The Bank statement can be viewed online, printed, or saved as an Excel or PDF file.

One can download account statement on mobile using SBI mobile apps or through SBI internet Banking.

In order to get an account statement, your email ID should be registered with the bank. you will get it in encrypted PDF form which is protected by Password. Below mentioned is the procedure to get a bank statement online.

How to get an account statement through internet banking

  • Click on Account statement on the left hand side.
How to get an account statement through internet banking
  • Select an account for which you want to get Account statement.
How to get an account statement through internet banking
  • Select Options for the statement period. you can select By Date, By Month, Last 6 months and Financial year.
  • Choose the Start Date and End Date if you select By Date. if you selected By Month Select Year and Month from the drop-down.
SBI online bank statement
  • In case you have selected Financial Year, select financial year from the drop Down.
SBI online bank statement
  • Select View Option if you want to just view the account statement Online. you can select the number of records per page from the drop-down. The options are 25,50,75,100 and 125. By default, it will be ALL.
How to get SBI Bank Statement Online
  • In case if you want to download your account statement, choose Download in MS Excel Format or Download in PDF format.
How to get SBI Bank Statement Online
  • At last click on GO.

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How to get an account statement through YONO Mobile App

  • Download the YONO LITE SBI app on your phone and log into your account using your internet banking user name and password.
  • Click on My Accounts Tab
How to get SBI Bank statement through YONO Mobile App
  • Click on View/Download Statement.
How to get SBI Bank statement through YONO Mobile App
  • Select Account
How to get SBI Bank statement through YONO Mobile App
  • Select the Start Date and End Date. Click on View if you want to see your account statement else click on Download.
How to get SBI Bank statement through YONO Mobile App
  • The account statement PDF file will be saved to your mobile. the file will be Password Protected.

Get account statement through SBI Quick services

you can get an e-Statement of the last 6 months of your saving account by sending an SMS. The statement will be sent on your registered email ID with a password encrypted PDF file.

Send an EMS 'ESTMT<space><Account Number><space><code> to 09223588888

(Note-Code is any 4 digit number of your choice that will be used to encrypt the PDF file sent to your registered email address).To avail of this service you need to register for SBI Quick Missed Call Banking

How to get SBI Bank Statement Offline

You have to visit the SBI branch and request the account/bank statement for the desired period. After choosing the time period SBI staff will send you an account statement to your email.

SBI Account Statement Format

Account Name :
Address :
Date :
Account Number :
Account Description :
Drawing Power :
Interest Rate(% p.a.)

MOD Balance :
CIF No. :
IFS Code :
(Indian Financial System)
MICR Code :
(Magnetic Ink Character Recognition)
Nomination Registered :
Balance as on date and year
Account Statement from XXXX to XXXX

Txn DateValue DateDescriptionRef No./Cheque No. DebitCreditBalance
2nd Jan20202nd Jan2020XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
8th Jan 20208th Jan 2020XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

About State Bank of India

It is the largest Public sector bank in India. It has over 22000 Branches across the country. its headquarter located in Mumbai, Maharashtra it offers various services like saving accounts, current accounts. credit cards, fixed deposits, loans, and many more.


1.What is the different between Mini statement and account statement?

The mini statement gives you the last 5 or 10 transactions maximum where as the account statement gives you transactions over a set period of time mainly more than a month or year.

2-Can I hide transactions on my Bank statement?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to hide. It will show every transaction done in your account. Moreover, statements are auto generated.

3-How do I get 6 months PDF account statement in SBI?

  • Log in to SBI Internet banking
  • Click on the Account statement
  • Select the Account
  • Select option for the Statement Period
  • Here you need for the last 6 months, so check the box of the Last 6 months.
  • Check the Box Download in PDF Format
  • Hit GO Button

4-How do I get account statement through email from SBI periodically?

In order to get an e-statement, you need to register your email ID with the bank. you can select your time period while opting for an e-statement at the branch.

5-What is Bank statement?

It is a document also known as an Account Statement sent to the account holder every month or every quarter depends on the settings done by the bank as per the account holder’s consists of all the transactions done during a particular interval of time.

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