How to Fix BHIM App “UPI Registration Failed” Issue

BHIM stands for Bharat Interface for Money. A UPI (Unified Payment Interface) enabled application or interface that provides safe, fast, and instant payments through your mobile phone. You might sometimes get different types of errors while registering BHIM APP, which you need to fix to proceed. In this article, we are going to cover all types of errors with possible solutions to fix the BHIM App UPI registration failed issue.

BHIM App is a new type of banking that became very popular in India due to its uniqueness. using this app you can send or receive money in a very easy way.

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How to fix the “UPI registration failed” issue in BHIM App

There might be plenty of reasons why you are getting this error while registering. we will try to cover the scenarios for this error and also the ways you can fix it.

Solution 1: Check first your App version

It might have happened that you have the old version of this app and you logged out, and when you will try to log in again you may encounter this error.

This is because the app has been updated and you are trying to log in with the old version. You can update your BHIM App and then try to should work fine.

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Solution 2: Register your mobile number with your bank account

Register your mobile number with your bank account

To register on BHIM App you must have to link your mobile number with your bank account otherwise you will get the above error while registering.

It is because the OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number for verification.

If it is not registered, visit your branch and link your mobile number with your bank account. after linking try to register to BHIM App and your UPI registration failed issue will be solved.

Solution 3: Check your SIM balance to fix UPI registration failed issue

If your mobile number does not have enough balance to send an SMS, UPI registration will be failed. It is because through SMS your mobile number will be verified with the bank account.

You can recharge your mobile number with a top-up or SMS pack as per your operator plan. This will fix the issue.

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Solution 4: Not giving required permission to the App

Not giving required permission to the App

When you will start registering for the first time BHIM App will ask you permission to “Allow to send and view SMS messages”. If you will deny the permission your registration may get failed.

To give permission again uninstall BHIM App and then install it again. You can check permission through settings–>Apps & notifications–>Select BHIM App–>tap permission–>click on SMS or Phone to Allow.

Solution 5: Bank Server is not Responding

Bank Server is not Responding

Due to an overload of service requests on a particular bank at sometimes you may get this error and your UPI registration may get fail.

Be patient and wait for some time and then try will allow you to register. you can even call your respective bank if this error keeps coming.

Solution 6: Check your mobile network to fix the UPI registration failed issue

Check your mobile network to fix the UPI registration failed issue

Sometimes network may be fluctuating and because of this BHIM App will not be able to confirm your details. hence registration will get fail and you will get the above error.

Make sure you are in a good network area and then do the registration should work fine.

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Solution 7: Check your internet Connection

Check your internet Connection

We came across sometimes that the internet is very slow or the internet is not working at all. In that case verification process will be timed out and your registration will get fail.

Wait for the network to restore and then try to will allow you for sure.

Solution 8: Disable VoLTE service on your phone to fix the UPI registration failed issue

Disable VoLTE service on your phone to fix UPI registration failed issue

Sometimes you might get an error after trying many processes. In that case, you can try disabling the VoLTE feature on your phone and then try to register.

It may allow you to register. this is just a possible solution. In some cases, it can work in some it’s not.

Solution 9: Check if the SIM is inserted in correct SIM Slot

It is always preferred to insert the SIM registered with the bank in SIM Slot 1.It is so because most of the time we do not check the message setting of the SIM.

In case if you put bank registered mobile number SIM in SIM slot 2 the BHIM App will not be able to send the message from SIM 2.

Or you can make SIM 2 as a primary message sending option and then register to BHIM App, it should work.

Solution 10: Avoid Wi-Fi connection and use Mobile Data

Sometimes this solution will work. Install BHIM App through mobile data and make sure your Wi-Fi is turned off.

Also, use the mobile data from the same SIM from which you are trying to register BHIM App. It may help you to avoid UPI registration failed errors.

Solution 11: Re-install the BHIM App

Unfortunately, if the above methods are not working for you uninstall the existing App and Re-install it again.

We can not say that it will work for sure, but we can try this as a possible solution.

Solution 12: Contact Customer Care

You can also call customer care if there is any technical issue or any other reason you are getting the same error again and again.

BHIM UPI Customer care number- 1800-120-1740

Solution 13: Switch off your phone to fix UPI registration failed issue

Last but not least Switch off your phone once and then try to register to the BHIM App. sometimes It may help you resolve this issue.


You have learned the possible ways to fix the BHIM App UPI registration failed issue. You can give it a try by going through all the above methods to solve this. we will try to look for more scenarios and ways to fix this.

In case if you still have an issue with registration put your queries in the comment section below.


1: What happens if we once delete the BHIM App, can it will difficult for us, or again we have started from the new account creation process?

If you uninstall BHIM App from your phone and then install it again it won’t create any issue. You just need to follow the procedure again from the beginning.

Like allowing BHIM APP to make calls, send and View SMS. The App will verify your mobile number and you can easily start BHIM APP Again.

Moreover, whatever the transaction you did before all will be shown after deleting the App and installing it again.

You do not need to create a new account if your Mobile number is not changed. if your mobile is changed with the bank then you have to start registering from the beginning.

2: Why BHIM App is not verifying the mobile number?

It may be because of the following reasons.

  • You have not selected the correct SIM which is linked to your Bank Account. Make sure you choose the Mobile Number SIM linked to the bank account at the time of Registration.
  • You do not have sufficient balance in your Mobile to send an SMS verification to to your Number. Keep sufficient balance to your Mobile Number.
  • It can happen because of poor network connectivity. In short, your mobile network is not stable. Make sure you should have proper network connectivity.
  • Check if your Bank Account and SIM both are are active.
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