What is MMID in Bank?

Mobile Money Identifier (MMID) is a seven-digit unique number that is used to transfer funds. In this post, we will discuss what is MMID in the bank, how you can create it, and other details.

In order to transfer money, the sender and receiver/beneficiary both should have the MMID. transferring funds through the MMID system works on the concept of IMPS.

MMID is different for different bank accounts. MMID code can be linked with the mobile number in order to carry fund transfers.

Why MMID is Required?

Mobile Money Identifier(MMID), as the name suggests it identifies the customer details when he/she wants to transfer funds from one account to another.

When the IMPS system has been launched it was decided that customers can transfer money through IMPS using their mobile number thinking the mobile number is unique and is generally linked to a bank account.

But this system has a loophole i.e. customer same mobile number can be linked to multiple bank account. now how to recognize which account I need to send money?

This led to the introduction of MMID in the financial system. It uses a combination of your mobile number and your account.

How Does MMID Works

The customer who wants to send money and the beneficiary who will receive funds both should have MMID for any fund transfer using a mobile number.

How to Get Your MMID in any Bank

In order to get the MMID code, you need to register your mobile number with the bank. you can get your MMID code by the following means.

  • Through Internet Banking
  • By Sending SMS
  • Via Mobile Banking
  • Using ATM
  • By Visiting Branch

Each bank has a different procedure to create MMID for its customers. You can choose any of the above processes at your convenience.

You can call your bank customer service department in order to know how you can create an MMID code and proceed accordingly.

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How to Transfer Money with IMPS using MMID

The process will be very easy if you know the beneficiary’s mobile number and MMID. Follow the process below.

  • Log in to your Internet /mobile Baking Application.
  • In the fund transfer section select the option IMPS fund transfer as Person to Person (using MMID).
  • Now enter beneficiary mobile number, Amount, and mobile money identifier (MMID Code).
  • Now enter your MPIN to authenticate your fund transfer.
  • The money will transfer to the beneficiary. you will get an SMS form the bank as well confirming the successful transaction.

Charges for MMID Transfer Using IMPS

Charges depends on bank. for few banks its like-

Service charges of Rs.5/ + Service Tax per transaction for amount up to Rs. 1 lakh

Service charges of Rs.15/+ Service Tax per transaction if amount exceeds Rs. 1 lakh


We have seen the importance of MMID in banks and also how you can use MMID to transfer funds from one account to another.

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