What is a CIF number and how to find SBI CIF Number?

Everyone has to visit the bank for so many personal financial purposes.you have must have come across a term Called Customer Information File(CIF).In this article, we will understand about CIF number, and also we will check how we can find CIF Number in the leading bank SBI(State Bank of India).

What is CIF Number?

CIF stands for Customer Information File, which stores all the important information about the customer’s personal and account information in a digital format. Every customer is assigned with unique CIF Number.

Specifications of CIF Number
  • It’s a virtual File having all the information about the customer.
  • CIF is an 11 digit number in the form of a digital file.
  • This file is used to retrieve the information of the customer like account types, balance, Loan history, transactions, Demat Accounts, etc.
  • CIF is updated as often as daily to keep the latest details of the customer activities.

“You can have only one CIF number in a bank, although you can have multiple accounts with one CIF number“.

How to Find SBI CIF Number?

There are 2 major ways to find out SBI CIF Number. Online and Offline. we will discuss both ways in detail. you can use the same method to find the CIF number in other banks as well.

CIF Number
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Online Method

Below mentioned methods are online one. It is very easy and simple to follow.

SBI Internet Banking

Visit the site https://www.onlinesbi.com/. Make sure you click on Personal Banking.

SBI Internet Banking

Click on Continue to log in.

Continue to log in

Fill in your user name, Password, and Captcha and you will into your account. Under Account, Summary Click on View Nominee and PAN Details on the right-hand side.

SBI Internet Banking

Under Nominee and PAN Details you will find CIF Number.

what is CIF Number

Alternatively you can find CIF number also under Profile Tab

After logging in to SBI internet Banking click on Profile and then select My Accounts & Profile.

SBI CIF Number

Under My Accounts & Profile click on Select Your Segment.


After clicking on Select Your Segment you will see your CIF Number.

How to Find SBI CIF Number

This is the way you can get your CIF number through Internet Banking.

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2-Through Account Statement

After logging in successfully choose Account Statement for a Particular time Period and click on GO

Through Account Statement

You will find your CIF Number along with other details.

CIF Number

3-Yono Lite SBI App

SBI Customer can easily find their CIF number using Yono Lite SBI app. Follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Download Yono Lite SBI from Play Store to your Smart Phone.
  • Log in to the app through your user name and Password.
  • Click on the tab Services.
  • Click on Online Nomination under services tab.
Online Nomination
  • In the Next screen choose Transaction Account in the Account Type.
  • Select your account number and view your CIF Number.
CIF Number

Offline Method

1-How to find CIF Number in SBI Passbook

If you don’t have internet banking no need to worry still you can find your CIF number very easily. for this you have to look for your SBI Passbook as Passbook contain all the important information about accounts.

Through Passbook

2-SBI Customer Care

You can call SBI customer care anytime to get the CIF number. They will ask you for certain details of yours just to verify if you are the right person to disclose account details.

After the verification is done you will get your CIF number. you can dial the toll-free numbers 1800 425 3800, 080-26599990, and 1800 11 2211.

3-Visit SBI Home Branch

If you don’t have an online internet banking account and also you lost your Passbook you need to visit your SBI home branch with KYC documents. you can request them to issue a new Passbook by writing a letter to the branch manager.

Important Note

CIF number is not displayed in SBI Cheque book.


1-Can I have two CIF numbers in SBI?

No, you can not link two accounts under different CIF number.

2-What is CIF full form?

CIF stands for “Customer Information File”.

3-Is IFSC code same as CIF?

No, it’s not the same, CIF numbers explain customer bank account details but IFSC code explains Bank branch details like name of the city, branch, Area, etc.

4-Where I can see my CIF number on my passbook?

Look at the very first page of SBI passbook, you will get CIF number along with all the bank details.

5-How can I get SBI CIF number online?

You can get it through SBI internet banking or YONO mobile app.

6-Is sharing CIF number is safe?

yes, In case if you need any details from the Bank you can share your CIF number to the SBI customer care.

7-What is the use of CIF number?

A CIF is an electronic file which stores all the customer personal and bank account details. the customer information file contains CIF number which helps bank to track the customer activity on a daily basis.

8-Do bank need CIF number in case I need to transfer SBI branch?

yes, bank will ask you CIF number if you want to transfer your account to other branch.

9-Does CIF number changes when I transfer bank account?

CIF number never changes even if you change your SBI Branch.

10-Can I get CIF number from ATM card?

No, Debit or credit card does not have CIF number.

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