What is Universal Account Number-UAN

UAN stands for Universal Account Number is an identification number allotted to every person having Provident Fund(PF) account. In this article, we will dig into information like what is Universal account numberUAN details and we will see how to find, activate UAN step by step.

Universal Account Number -UAN

UAN number is 12 digits which is unique like Permanent Account Number(PAN). your UAN will be with you for a lifetime so In case if you change your Job the UAN will be the same everywhere.

Every time an employee changes his/her job EPFO allots a new member identification number which is linked to UAN.

In simple terms when you switch job, your member identification numbers(member ID) will change and this member ID will be linked to a universal account number(UAN). you do not have to worry about it and you can provide the same UAN in every company.

How to know your Universal Account Number-UAN?

You can follow the steps below to know your Universal Account Number-UAN.

Through your company

Generally, your employer will provide your universal account number as Per the EPFO. Moreover, in most companies, you can find UAN printed on the salary slip.

Through UAN Portal

If your employer did not provide a universal account number to you, follow the steps mentioned below and you can create yourself.

  • Click on the UAN allotment for existing PF account.
Through UAN Portal
  • Enter your Aadhaar number, Captcha and click on the button get OTP and wait for a one-time password(OTP)
Through UAN Portal
  • The OTP will be sent to the number registered with your Aadhaar.
  • Enter the OTP and wait for the portal to fetch your information from Aadhaar Database and it will populate the fields automatically on the screen.
  • Click to Obtain your UAN. you will receive your UAN through SMS as well.

Documents required to generate UAN

If you have just joined the first registered company for a job, you have to produce the following documents in order to create your UAN.

  • ID Proof : Voter ID, Passport ID, driving license
  • Address Proof : Ration card/Rental agreement in case if you are living on rent, any recent utility bill in your name
  • Bank Account Details :Account Number, Branch code, IFSC code
  • Permanent Account Number (PAN) card
  • Aadhaar Card is mandatory as its linked to your bank account and mobile number.
  • Employee state insurance corporation card (ESIC).

How to activate Universal Account Number-UAN?

you can easily activate your UAN following the below process.

  • On the Home page under the dropdown section services select For Employees.
How to activate Universal Account Number-UAN
  • This will redirect to a different services page offered by EPFO.
  • Click on the Member UAN/Online service under services section.
How to activate Universal Account Number-UAN
  • After this click on the link Activate UAN.
Activate UAN
  • Enter the necessary details like UAN,PF member ID, email ID, mobile number.
Activate UAN
  • Click on get Authorization PIN ,and you will receive a PIN on your registered mobile number.
  • Enter the PIN and click on Activate UAN.
  • On UAN activation you will receive a password to your registered number to access your account. Once you are into your account you can change your password if it is required.

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Features and Benefits of UAN

Her are some of the benefits of UAN-

  • The UAN helps EPFO to track in case an individual is changing his/her job.
  • The member can access all the services online offered by EPFO.
  • when an individual switches his/her job he can transfer his PF account easily from old accounts to the new one with the help of UAN.
  • It acts as a permanent ID under which an individual all PF account is linked. Before it was difficult to track EPF accounts of the employee.
  • Online facilities of UAN made the withdrawal very easy and convenient.
  • UAN also make sure that the PF accounts of an employees are authentic one.
  • It brings all PF and KYC details at once place which can be easily accessible.
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UAN Employee Specific Benefits

It has a number of benefits to the employees. mentioned below are few ones

  • You can check your PF Passbook online anytime with the help of UAN.
  • Partial withdrawal of PF can be claimed online.
  • Transfer of EPF Accounts can be done online.
  • Status of your claim can also be tracked with help of UAN.
  • Most Importantly you can keep track if your employer is crediting the PF amount every month to your account on the basis of deductions.


EPFO has a separate Helpdesk facility which is very useful for the services that it is providing. the member can access this helpdesk anytime.


1-What is Universal account number-UAN?

It is a unique number provided by EPFO(Employees provident fund organization) in order to store all your PF details even you switch a number of companies.

2-Is UAN and PF account number same?

No, UAN and PF account number is not the same, in fact, both are unique. UAN will remain the same and PF will link to the same UAN in case if you change your company.it will help both employee and employer to maintain their record in a more convenient way.

3-How to know the PF account number?

you can check in your salary slip.it is operated by your employer. Moreover you can contact your company HR department in case if you are not able to find in salary slip.

4-What is UAN number example?

It consists of 12 digit unique number.it becomes identity of the member until his retirement from the work.

5-How can I know my EPF balance?

you can give a missed call on 011-2290-1406 to know your PF balance or can write a message, EPFOHO<UAN><LAN>, and send it to 773-829-9899, where LAN here means your preferred language. make sure you send a message from your registered mobile number with EPFO.

you need to mention the first 3 letters of your language. like if you want in English you have to write a text EPFOHO<your UAN number><ENG>

6-How to link Aadhaar with UAN?

you can link it in different ways like through UMANG app, OTP based Aadhaar verification.

7-Is UAN mandatory for online claims?

yes it is mandatory as without UAN you can not submit claims online.

8-What is member ID in EPF?

Every time an employee switches his/her job, a new member ID will be assigned by the employer. the existing member ID has to be linked by the employee to his/her UAN to enjoy EPF facilities.

9-Can I view download my UAN card?

yes, you can do it. login first with your valid UAN and password. after that go to the ‘Download’ menu and select the option ‘Download UAN Card’.

10-How to know if uploaded KYC is approved by the employer?

The status will be shown against the KYC document that you uploaded on the same page.

11-How do I contact customer care if there is any issue regarding UAN member portal?

you can contact 1800 118 005 or can send an email at uanepf@epfindia.gov.in

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