How to Track SBI Debit Card

It is now mandatory to have a chip-based card as per the new rule of in case if you have applied to change your card or have applied for a new card of SBI and you are not aware of how to track your SBI Debit Card status, you are at the right place.

In this post, you will come to know how and where to check your SBI ATM/Debit card status online step by step from your mobile or desktop.

SBI Debit Card Tracking

You can follow the steps mentioned below to know the status of your SBI Debit card.

  • If you have applied for a new card or getting an old card replaced by a new one, you must have got a tracking number to your registered mobile number and Email.
  • Open your message or Email and copy your tracking number of Post. you will receive an email like this to your email. The tracking ID is also known as AWB NO.
How to Track SBI Debit card
  • Select Track Consignment option from the page.
SBI Debit Card Status
  • Next, Type your tracking ID, solve the given question and hit Search Button.
  • You will able to see the status of your card on the screen.
SBI Debit Card Tracking
  • The Status will show every detail like Booking Date, Booking place, Delivery location, where the card is now along with some other details.

The above mentioned are few steps, How you can track the status of your SBI ATM/Debit Card Online.

Once you receive the card, you need to activate your SBI Debit Card and generate an ATM PIN in order to do any transactions including ATM Withdrawl.

When you need to Apply for a New Card

There are few cases when you need to apply for a new Debit/ATM Card. Mentioned below are few of them.

  • When You lost your Debit card, you need to apply for a new one, Make sure you close the lost one by reporting to your respective bank, otherwise it can be misused.
  • Lets say you need a new card which is different from the ones you have, then you need to apply for it.

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1-What is AWB Number?

AWB is Air Waybill Number which is also known as FedEx shipping label or tracking number. It contains all the information about your package. It is of 12 digits.

2-I got my tracking number but when I search it on the India Post office website, I can not see any details.Why it is like that?

This might have happened because of the two reasons.

  • You are entering wrong tracking number. please check carefully while entering it.
  • Second reason because your card still is not assigned to the courier department. Only after assigning you will able to see the status on Postal Website.

3-What is India Postal department customer care number?

you can call at 1800 266 6868 toll free number to get any update about your post.

4-How do I get AWB Number?

When you apply for a new ATM or Debit card, after applying successfully you will get your AWB number to your registered mobile number and email ID.

5-How long it will take SBI Debit Card to arrive?

It will take 7 to 10 working days after submitting the request successfully.

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