How to Fix the Issue “Could not register google pay “

Google Pay or GPay is one of the most popular digital payment mobile app that is used extensively to transfer funds, recharge mobile, pay bills, etc. if you are a new user or you are trying to register and getting a registration failed error go through this article. we will discuss here How to Fix the Issue “Could not register google pay

Registration failed error is not common in google pay but in case if you are getting this go through below checklists to fix this issue.

Let’s dig into this issue and try to find a solution…

How to Fix “Could not register” Issue on google pay

There might be various reasons you are not able to register and get this error. we will try to work on the positive side to fix this. check out below possible solutions.

  1. Check your Mobile SIM Balance

    If your mobile number does not have enough balance or an active SMS Plan to send an SMS, registration will be failed. It is because through SMS your mobile number is verified with the bank account.

    You can recharge your mobile number with a top-up or SMS pack as per your operator plan. This will fix the issue.

  2. Check your mobile network to fix the Google Pay registration failed issue

    Sometimes network may be fluctuating and because of this Google Pay will not be able to verify your details. hence registration will get fail and you will get an error.

    Make sure you are in a good network area before starting the registration process.

  3. Check Your Internet Connections

    In order to receive an SMS and complete the registration process ,Internet connection should be strong enough. you can check your internet strength by playing any video or by visiting any website.

    If still Internet is weak Wait for the network to restore and then try to register.

  4. Get New verification Code

    If you are not receiving SMS then click on the Resend OTP button again.

  5. Check for Correct Phone Number

    Make sure your phone number is entered correctly without spaces and extra number. if it is not correct you will get an error.

  6. Check you App Version

    It might have happened that you did not update the Google Pay to its latest version. In that case you may encounter this error.

    Update your GPay app from Play store and then try to register.

  7. Check if the SIM is inserted in correct SIM Slot

    Many times it happens that the Mobile number which is registered with the bank is in SIM slot 2 and we have selected SIM 1 to register. In that case, also your registration will be failed.

    Select the correct SIM and start the registration process again.

  8. Re-Install the Google Pay App

    If the above methods do not work and you are getting the registration failed error, uninstall the Google pay App and Re-install it again.

    We can try this as a possible solution.

  9. Switch off Your Phone

    Try restarting your phone and opening Google Pay again. It might help you to register successfully.

  10. Contact Google Pay Contact Centre

    Last but not the least, You can Call Google Pay customer care number toll-free at 1800-419-0157 to get your issue fixed.

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We have discussed How to Fix the Issue “Could not register google pay ” with all the possible solutions. I hope you will be able to register successfully after fixing the above issues.

If you have any doubts/questions regarding this, ask in the below comment section and I will try to answer them.


1: My bank account not link with Aadhaar card Can I register this account in Google pay or not.

No, you will not able to register for google pay. It will throw an error. you need to complete your KYC with the respective bank in order to complete the registration process.

Moreover, if Your account number is not linked to your Aadhaar card you will not able to perform any transactions.

2: I installed Google pay on one of my phone but that mobile number is not registered with my bank how can I add the back account in this phone app.

You need to visit your bank to link the mobile number.

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