How to Fill PNB KYC Form

If you have your Bank Account in PNB or you are planning to open a new account in PNB you will need to fill KYC form. It will verify your identity. Today in this article we will learn How to fill PNB KYC form so that you do not do any mistakes while filling it.

You will see that the PNB KYC form contains four pages that will have multiple details to fill. we will discuss one by one every field in order to make the process easier.

Documents Required

  • Passport Size Photograph
  • PAN Card (Mandatory)
  • Address Proof (Aadhaar card, driving License, Voter ID,Passport etc.)
  • Identity Proof (Aadhar card, Passport, Driving License, Voter ID etc.)
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Process to Fill PNB KYC Form

You can follow the procedure step by step given below.

PNB KYC Form Page 1
1st Page

Application Type

  • Here you can see two boxes.
  • In case if you are filling this form for the first time check the box NEW otherwise check the box EXISTING. if you are selecting later enter your Customer ID (you will find it on the Passbook of PNB).
  • Leave the Box which says for Office only.

1: Personal Details

  • Tick the box Mr./Mrs./Ms. Fill in your name as per Aadhaar. if you are married fill in your spouse’s name. Enter your father’s details, Enter your spouse’s name. In case if the applicant is a Minor fill Guardian name and relationship with the guardian.
  • Fill date of birth, gender, martial status, nationality and Residential status.
  • Fill Occupation type, if you are self-employed select the option from the given choices if you have business select any of them, and under others choose the relevant ones.
  • Now select annual income of yours, select your category, tick the box customer type .Leave the optional part.

This was the first part of the page. let’s move to the second page of KYC form.

PNB KYC Form Page 2nd
2nd Page

2: TDS Details

  • Fill here your PAN card number. if it is not available fill form 60.

3: Aadhaar and e-KYC Details

  • Fill in your Aadhaar number in the given box.
  • If you have done e-KYC check the box Yes else check the box No and put the enrollment number from the receipt you got after applying for the Aadhaar card in the last box.

4: Proof of Identity and Proof of Address

  • Tick in front of the documents that you are providing for KYC verification with document number, date of issue, and date of expiry.

5: Address

  • Enter the address as per Aadhaar card or the documents that you are using for KYC verification.
  • Fill option B in case if you have a different correspondence address than mentioned in the Aadhaar card. Fill in the office address if any.

Till here we completed second page of KYC. Let’s move to third page.

PNB KYC Form Page 3rd
3rd Page

6: Contact Details

  • Fill in your Mobile number and email id which you want to register with bank.

7: Self Declaration for individuals

  • If you are a tax resident of any country other than India choose Yes otherwise No.

8: Declarations

  • If you did not any loan/credit from any bank tick the box otherwise fill the details in the given box below.

9: Details of the Related Person

  • This is for minors. if the account holder is having an age of less than 18 years old fill his guardian details in the given box.

10: Applicant Declaration

  • Fill date, place and sign at the respective place provided in the LYC form.

We have completed third page. Lets move to fourth or final page of KYC form.

PNB KYC Form Page 4th
4th Page

11: Attestation

You do not have to fill anything in last page. its for office use only. Also this page contains guidelines/instructions to fill KYC form.

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We have learned how to fill PNB KYC form in a very easy way. Hopefully you will not do any mistakes while filling KYC form after reading this article.

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