Travel Insurance for Senior Citizen

Travel Insurance for Senior Citizen

Senior Citizen Travel Insurance is becoming popular nowadays as the insurance companies are covering different risks associated with is helping them to take benefit of the coverage and enjoy life even after retirement.travelling to meet with loved ones across the world can be fun and it’s the best way to spend quality time with them.

At this stage of life, it is important to get travel insurance along with medical coverage so that you are covered against your medical emergencies and keep away financial worries while staying at a foreign destination. However, it is very important to know the detail about senior citizen travel insurance policy before choosing any policy for themself.

In this article we will cover more details about the senior citizen travel insurance. Lets start..

Senior Citizen Travel Insurance Intro

These policies generally cover people above or equal to 71 years old. the age criteria vary from companies to companies. For instance, some offer insurance before 71 years of age as well.

These plans specially designed/created by the companies for elderly people based on various health-related factors and age as it is not covered in standard travel insurance policies. These policies cover various medical facilities like hospitalization, ICU, Doctor visit, surgical care, Ambulance, etc, along with a standard cover like loss of baggage, flight delays, etc.

Coverage Provided for Senior Citizen Travel Insurance

The coverage can be categorized as a medical, journey, and baggage related. we will discuss one by one what includes in each coverage.

1-Medical related coverage

  • Emergency Medical expense

If there is a medical emergency, a cashless treatment facility is provided. This may include major or minor emergencies covering illness, injuries, and even death.

  • Dental Expense

This expense can be reimbursed when you visit dentists in a foreign country.few insurance companies include this in their coverage.

  • Medical Evacuation

In certain circumstances when the situation is not right in traveling countries and people either have to return to their home country or have to admit near the hospital in traveling countries.all these expenses can be reimbursed or provided in the coverage.

  • Accidental death

In such unfortunate circumstances, insurance companies will provide lump-sum compensation to your family and companies will bear the cost of transferring the mortal remains to the home country.

  • Permanent Disablement

If an unfortunate accident causes a permanent disability, Insurance companies will provide lump-sum compensation to make things a little easier for you.

2-Baggage related coverage

  • Loss/Delay of Baggage and Personal Documents

there is no point in shopping for vacation if your baggage is lost, however, this can be either reimbursed (the expense of making new documents)or it can be compensated (in case of loss of luggage) by the insurance companies.

3-Journey related coverage

  • Financial Assistance

In case of robbery, theft insurance companies will provide you emergency cash.

  • Personal liability

In a foreign country, if you are responsible for third party losses by my mistake, then the insurance companies will compensate you.

  • Hotel Accommodation

If you recovering from a medical emergency the insurance companies will bear the extra cost of accommodation.

  • Hijack distress

In case if the plane is hijacked insurance companies will compensate distress it caused to you.

Details check and clarification for senior citizen travel insurance

Now we know what Insurance companies are covering, let’s discuss the details that you should consider while you decide to buy a plan.

1-Sum assured

This is of the utmost importance to know how much and on which things companies are providing Sum assured. Most insurance companies provide a break-up of the specified amount for a specific cover. For example, they would have a limit for medical expenses, another limit for dental care, yet another limit for loss of baggage. These are called ‘sub-limits’ in the industry sector and within that limit amount, the insurance companies will reimburse if you claim. When they buy the policy, senior citizens or their families should consider these Limits.


Insurance companies will not renew your policy if you have claimed it earlier. Make sure to check with them if they have other ways to renew your policy in order to avail of the benefits when it is needed.

3-Pre-existing illness

Senior citizen insurance buyers must check with their provider if they are covering their existing illness under the plan. In case if they do not cover the most check the amount limited to the existing illness. few plans provide very limited cover for existing illnesses. make sure the coverage should be of the adequate amount so it can be used when there is a need on foreign trips.


Senior citizen or their family members should check if there is something that insurance companies are not covering and that is necessary for them. you can call customer care and ask for the details about all exclusions.

How to Buy Best Travel Insurance for Senior Citizen

The detailed information is provided by the insurance companies on their websites as per the instructions from IRDAI(Information Regulatory Authority of India). However, to check every small detail you can contact their customer care service as the information provided on websites may not be that easy to understand. You can follow the mentioned below checklists to choose the best one for you.

  • Before finalizing compare and review 3 to 4 policies quotes. you can check this online. if not you can call customer care to get the details.
  • Gather all the necessary things/information for yourself which may need during the trip and then check with the insurance providers either on the website or on call. It will help you to decide quickly as you have already collected all the information earlier.
  • Also ask how would you get help from the insurer after reaching the ask about network hospitals, international SIM card,s, etc.
  • Check for the details/documents that are needed in order to claim the insurance while you return to your home country. make sure you carry all of them very carefully especially medical related.


Travel Insurance for senior citizens has been covered in detail. hopefully, this will help you to decide from beginning your trip to the end. if all the necessary information has been gathered it would be a wonderful and fantastic trip.


1-Does Insurance company cover Pre existing disease claim?

If you are suffering from an illness before the trip or are undergoing treatment for an illness that already exists, it will not be covered.

2-what does medical evacuation and repatriation cover?

Emergency medical evacuation means transportation to the insured to the nearest hospital and medical repatriation means arranging for the transportation of an insured to his or her place of residence after an emergency.

3-How long does it take to settle travel insurance claim?

It will take two to ten business days to settle depend on the Insurance company and policy you had. However keep checking with your insurer for latest update.

4-How do I claim on my travel insurance?

Call or send an email to your insurer as soon as possible and ask them to send you a claim form. After they send the claim form fill it carefully and keep a copy for yourself. Make sure you have all the relevant receipts before filing the claim form like medical bills, hospitalization expense bills, Ambulance expenses, etc.

5-When should I get travel insurance?

Travel Insurance you should take as soon as you booked a holiday is so because you might cancel your trip or you may fall too sick to travel or due to some tensed situations at your destination. If any of this occurs travel insurance can cover the cost up to some extent.

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