Mobile Insurance Claim Process For Beginners

Mobile Insurance Claim strategies

Mobile Insurance claims process became essential when having a mobile is very common for all of us. we do many things like call, business discussion, email, meetings, etc through Mobile phones. Therefore In case something wrong happen with our mobile we should know the Mobile insurance claim process.

Before moving to the topic of Mobile insurance claim Strategies we should know first what is covered under Mobile Insurance and what’s not can find the list below for the same.

Mobile Insurance Covers

Mobile Insurance policies provide protection against various kinds of damages to the phone. Listed below are some of the risks and damages that are covered under mobile insurance policies.

  • Damage to the workings of the inner element of the phone because of water spillage.
  • Hardware Failure like malfunctioning touchscreen, faulty earpiece jack, or charging port drawback.
  • Damage because of fire
  • Damage occurring because of riot, strike, terrorist activities.
  • Damage caused because of malicious intent.
  • Screen Cracks
  • Loss of device because of theft, In housebreaking, burglary
  • Loss of device from a firmly secured vehicle or building.
  • Damage to the inside or exterior elements of the device.

Mobile Insurance Exclusions

  • If the phone has gone missing in a mysterious way.
  • If the phone is theft from an unattended building or vehicle.
  • If any harm/damage happens or the phone is lost while it was being used by a 3rd party, apart from the owner of the phone.
  • If the phone suffers a mechanical or electronic breakdown.
  • If the device has been full or experimented with underneath or any abnormal conditions.
  • If any harm was caused because of routine wear and tear of the device.
  • If any harm happens because of a change in climatic/atmospheric conditions.
  • If the harm was because of any wilful or malicious activity caused by the owner of the insured device.

Mobile Insurance Claim Process

If your mobile phone suffers from any of the losses under covered, you can claim under your mobile insurance policy. To make a claim, you should follow the steps given below-

  • It is simple and hassle-free to file a claim under mobile insurance. you call the insurance provider immediately of the loss that you suffer. In order to file a claim, you must provide the insurance provider with the purchase invoice/bill of your smartphone, along with its serial number.
  • Also, you must file an FIR (first instance report) for the missing or lost phone within the first 24 hours near your local police station.
  • Fill up and submit the claim form in detail by either visiting the branch or online.
  • In case of damage, you have to send or upload a photo to the insurance companies portal for further check.
  • Based on the document policy terms and conditions the internal team of the insurance companies will investigate and the claim would be settled in either way i.e replacement or the repair to the damaged part of the mobile phone.
  • The Insurance companies might settle the claim directly with the mobile service center if it is authorized, if not you have to first pay the repaired amount and then you can reimburse the amount from an insurance company.
  • Few Insurance companies offer one settlement per Policy and some more. Always make sure to check this with your insurance provider.

Documents required to Claim Mobile Insurance

In order to make the settlement successful, you would have to submit the following documents to the insurance company-

  • FIR copy in case of theft or loss
  • Filled and signed claim form
  • Original Invoice of the phone
  • Insurance Policy Number

Extended Warranty Vs Mobile Insurance

Many of us think about why there is a need for mobile insurance if we can extend our phone warranty. However, there is a difference between Both. Let’s make it clear.

Extended WarrantyMobile Insurance
Theft and robbery are not coveredTheft and robbery are covered.
It is provided by the manufacturer of the phoneIt can be purchased from an insurance company
The price is included while purchasing the phoneIt’s like an additional add on service and security of your phone
This might not cover water spillage or any liquid damage.Liquid damages are covered under this.
Manufacturing defects are covered.It covers any unforeseen events.


I hope the above mentioned mobile insurance claim strategies will help you to make claim fast. The claiming process will be much smoother and easier in case we have all the essentials documents available to claim under mobile Insurance.

FAQs(Frequently Asked questions)

1-How do I make mobile insurance claim?

To initiate a claim, you have got to submit the subsequent documents to the insurer: A punctually filled form, signed by the insured beneficiary, particularization the loss or harm that has occurred, associated an estimate of the claim amount.

2-How much time it will take to get claimed amount?

If the claim process has been followed correctly within time, the settlement might take 15 to 20 days as per IRDA.

3-Is there a limit to the amount of claims I am making?

yes, many insurance companies put restrictions on the number of claims made. though it’s always good to check with your insurance provider.

4-How can i check status of my claim?

Visit your insurer website with claim ID provided by insurer for an update or you can call customer care of your insurer to get an update.

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