How to Get a New Bank Passbook in SBI?

State Bank of India (SBI) is the biggest lender in the country providing numerous services for its customers. while opening a bank account in SBI, it provides a preprinted kit that includes an ATM card, Cheque Book as well as your Passbook. In case if you have lost your passbook what to do? we will find a solution to the question how to get a new bank passbook in SBI in this particular post.

Bank passbook is just like a proof that we have a bank account in SBI. In some scenarios we use bank passbook as a proof of address as well.

First, we need to know the documents that you need to apply for a new bank passbook and in which scenarios you can apply for a new passbook.

When You need to Apply for a new Passbook?

There are some scenarios in which you need to apply for a new passbook. you can find them below.

  • Your SBI passbook is lost or stolen
  • you need a new passbook if the existing one is damaged due to any unpredictable situations.
  • You pages on passbook is exhausted or finished.

Required Documents to Apply for a new Bank Passbook

Below are the mandatory documents required to get a new bank passbook in SBI.

  • Proof of address : Aadhaar card, Driving license, Voter ID card, Passport etc.
  • Proof of Identity: PAN Card, Aadhaar card, Driving license, Voter ID card, Passport etc.

Now that you have all the necessary documents with you lets jump to the the main topic.

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How to Apply for a new Bank Passbook in State Bank of India?

There are two ways to apply for a new passbook in SBI actually there is only one way to apply.

Why I said only one way to apply ,you will come to know in a minute?

  • Online Method to Apply Passbook
  • Apply by visiting bank branch or offline

We will discuss if we can use both methods to apply for bank passbook or not?

How to Apply SBI passbook online?

This is a big question!!

There is no way we can apply for the state bank of India bank passbook online. if you read somewhere then it’s completely fake.

You can not even apply though internet banking, SBI Mobile banking or SMS a deep request do not waste time searching how to apply SBI passbook online.

Instead, you can use the second method i.e. by visiting a bank branch to get a new one. we will discuss this process in a second.

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How to Apply for SBI Passbook by Visiting Bank?

As we know now we can not apply new passbook in SBI, you need to follow the below process in order to get a passbook from a home bank branch.

  • Visit your home bank branch where you opened/transferred your bank account in State Bank of India.
  • Write an application letter to the branch manager. mention that you have lost your bank passbook and request to get a new one for you.
  • Do mention the reason why you need a new bank passbook.
  • Make sure you have photocopy of address proof & proof of identity.
  • Do signature on your address and identity proof to make them self attested.
  • Along with the Application, the letter submit the photocopy of address proof & proof of identity to bank officials.
  • After 7 to 10 working days of submitting your application for new passbook you can visit bank again to get a new one.

lets understand now the charges you have to pay for a new passbook.

SBI New Passbook Charges

Description of ServiceCharges
First Passbook/Continuation of PassbookFree
Duplicate passbook (for all segments)Rs. 100 + GST
Printing charges in new Passbook per page (in case your passbook is lost)Rs. 50 +GST per page (40 entries)


We have seen how you can apply for new bank passbook in SBI. you can follow the process in order to get a new passbook.

Any questions regarding the above information you can ask in the comment section below. you can even call SBI toll free customer care number 1800 425 3800 for any other information.

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