How to Check Indian Bank Balance?

Indian Bank is one of the prominent public sector banks providing its services to more than 100 million customers with a vast network of more than 6000 branches. With such a huge customer base, banks made basic services easy for them like Net Banking, Checking account balance, etc. In this article, you will know How to Check Indian Bank Balance in an easy way?

Not only one or two methods but we will focus on all the possible ways to know Indian Bank Account balance.

But Before you need to meet certain conditions in order to enjoy balance check services hassle-free. check out the below requirements.

Requirements to Check Indian Bank Balance

  • One must have an account in Indian Bank.
  • Your Mobile Number must be registered with your Bank Account.
  • Mobile Number should have sufficient balance to receive or send an SMS.

I hope you meet above conditions. lets learn the ways to check balance one by one.

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Indian Bank Balance Check Number

The Bank is moving its services to digital to make the process faster. In the same aspect, Indian Bank has launched Missed call service facility through which you can know your real-time information on account balance anywhere, anytime, just by giving a missed call.

Indian Bank Balance Check Number

Indian Bank Balance Check Missed Call Numbers – 81087 81085 or 92895 92895

Call the above toll-free number from your registered mobile number. The call will automatically disconnect after one ring. The customer will then receive an SMS giving the last four digits of the account and the current balance of the account.

Indian Bank Balance Check by SMS

The Bank provides various services through SMS as well. In order to get your account balance and other services send the SMS as mentioned below.

Indian Bank Balance Check by SMS

In order to use this facility, you need to apply for SMS banking at your branch. The bank will then send you MPIN by Speed post to your registered address. post getting MPIN, you can use the SMS Banking Service.

Customers need to type the SMS in the below format and send it to 94443-94443

CategoryOperation CodeSMS Format
Balance EnquiryBALAVLBALAVL <A/C No> <MPIN>
Ex- BALAVL 987654329 1234
Mini StatementLATRANLATRAN <A/C No> <MPIN> LATRAN <MPIN> For default account
Check Cheque status CHQSTSCHQSTS <chq no> <A/C no> <MPIN> CHQSTS <chq no> <MPIN> For default account
Check Status of deposit ChequeDCHSTSDCHSTS <chq no> <A/C no> <MPIN> DCHSTS <chq no> <MPIN> For default account
Change Mobile Banking PINCHGPINCHGPIN <New MPIN> <Old MPIN>
Other QueryHELPHELP <Code> <MPIN>

Indian Bank Balance Check by Calling Customer Care

This is also a fast service to know your bank account balance.

Indian Bank Balance Check by Calling Customer Care

Indian Bank Balance enquiry Customer Care toll-free number : 1800 425 00 000

Dial the above Toll-Free Number and follow instructions given by the IVRS system and get your bank balance on a call.

Indian Bank Balance Check Online Using Internet Banking

If you have access to the Indian Bank Net Banking facility, just log in to your net banking account using your User ID & Password, and check the balance easily.

Customers can do Indian Bank Net Banking Registration online in order to access it. you do not need to visit the bank. Register online and enjoy Indian Bank net banking services.

Indian Bank Balance Check through Mobile App

To use this facility, your mobile number must register with your bank account. if it is already registered then you can download the IndOASIS Mobile app to your phone.

First-time users, register using your CIF Number or Customer ID Number. you can register using Indian Bank Net Banking User ID and Password, ATM Card.

After validating the Net Banking/ATM Credentials, you need to set MPIN and MTPIN. The MPIN and MTPIN should not be the same.

Once Registration is done successfully you can use this app to check account balance, fund transfer, checking transaction details, Account details, and statements, etc.

Check Indian Bank Account Balance Using UPI

You can register your Indian Bank account to any of the UPI-enabled mobile apps like Google Pay, BHIM, PhonePe, Paytm.

After registering just go to your linked account and click on that. next click on the tab view account balance, enter your UPI PIN and your bank account balance is on the screen. the service is available 24*7.

Check Account balance by Visiting ATM

Visit any ATM Center near by and follow the steps below in order to check balance.

Insert your Debit ATM card to ATM Machine-–> select language -–> Enter 4 digit PIN number -–> Choose the option balance inquiry -–> select type of account (Current or savings) –> get your balance on the screen.

Know Account Balance using Bank Passbook

You can know your account balance using a passbook as well, the only thing is that you have to visit your Indian Bank branch along with a passbook.

If you find Passbook Printing Kiosk Machine in your bank branch, just scan the barcode present on the passbook, insert your passbook and update it easily.

If not, Request bank officials to update your bank passbook. once updation is done you can check your latest account balance along with all the transaction details in the passbook.


You have learned various methods to know your Indian Bank Account balance. I hope you will be able to check your bank balance without any issue after going through the above information.

If you have any questions/doubts regarding this information you are always welcome to ask in the below comment section. I will be happy to answer them.


1: How can I check my Indian Bank account balance by SMS?

You just need to send an SMS to 94443-94443 in the below format.

BALAVL <Account Number><MPIN> and send it to 94443-94443

Ex. BALAVL 123456789 9876

2: How to check last 3 transactions in Indian bank?

To get a mini statement or the last 3 transactions send an SMS in the below format and send it to 94443-94443.

LATRAN <Account number> <MPIN> <LATRAN> <MPIN> and send it to 94443-94443

Ex. LATRAN 123456789 9876 LATRAN 9876

3: How to Check Indian Bank Balance by Mobile Number?

Use the below methods to check balance by mobile number.

  • Give a missed call to the Mobile Number 8108781085 from your registered mobile number and know your account balance easily.
  • Send an SMS BALAVL <A/C No> <MPIN> to the Number 94443-94443 and know your account balance.
  • Call Indian Bank Customer care Number 1800 425 00 000 and know your account balance.

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