How to Check AB Bank Account Balance | AB Bank Balance Enquiry

AB Bank is the very first private sector bank of Bangladesh established in the year 1981. It was formerly known as Arab Bangladesh Bank. It is a technology-driven bank that uses the latest digital technology to provide banking services to its customers. In this article, you will learn one of the basic services of the bank i.e How to Check AB Bank Account Balance | AB Bank Balance Enquiry?

We will discuss various ways to check AB Bank Account Balance in this post but before make sure you meet the requirements below in order to check the balance easily.

Requirements to Check AB Bank Account Balance

  • You must be an account holder of AB Bank.
  • Your mobile number must be registered with your bank account.
  • You must have an active SMS pack on your mobile number to send or receive an SMS.

How to Check AB Bank Account Balance through SMS

The customer is required to register their mobile number at his/her respective base branch in order to avail of this service. you can contact customer care as well to register your mobile number.

After successful registration, you can send an SMS from your registered mobile number in the below format.

BAL<space>PIN and send to 16207, Ex. BAL 1234

PIN =Personal Identification Number (4 digits confidential password)

After sending the above SMS you will get an AB Bank account balance on your mobile number within few seconds.

How to Get AB Bank Account Mini Statement through SMS

AB customers need to send the SMS in the below format from their registered mobile number to get the account mini statement.

STM<space>PIN and send to 16207 , Ex. STM 1234

PIN =Personal Identification Number (4 digits confidential password)

Once the SMS is sent successfully, you will get your last 5 transaction details or mini statement within few seconds to your registered mobile number.

AB Bank Account Balance Check Number

Call AB Bank Customer Care Number 16207, +8809678916207 and know your account balance instantly on call.

AB Bank Balance Check Customer Care Toll-Free Number – 

16207, +8809678916207

Call the above number, select your preferred language, Over IVRS Select the Number or option which says “to know your Account Balance”. follow the IVRS call further to know other details as well about your bank account.

AB Bank Balance Check Online Using Net Banking

You can check your account balance using this facility only if you have access to AB Bank Internet Banking. Make sure your mobile number must be registered with your bank account.

AB Bank Net Banking Registration is required if you are a new customer and planning to access the net banking facility.

After successful Registration Login Using your User ID and Password and know your bank account balance easily.

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Check Your AB Bank Account Balance through ATM

In order to check balance via ATM Visit any ATM Center nearby and follow the procedure below to check your account balance.

Insert your Debit ATM card to ATM Machine -–> select preferred language -–> Enter 4 digit PIN number -–> Choose the option balance inquiry -–> select type of account (Current or savings) -–> View your balance on the screen.

AB Bank Balance Check by Sending an E-mail

AB account holders can send an email to address with their personal details like account number, name, DOB, etc to know their bank account balance.

After successful verification of your details, you will reply to the email along with your current bank account balance.

Know Your AB Bank Account Balance Using Passbook

You can know your account balance using a passbook as well, by visiting your AB Bank home branch.

Request bank officials to update your bank passbook. once updation is done you can check your latest account balance along with all the transaction details in the passbook.


In this guide, you have learned How to Check AB Bank Account Balance | AB Bank Balance Enquiry. I hope you are clear about the AB bank balance check process.

If you have still any doubts/questions related to the above information, do ask in the below comment section. I will try my best to answer them.

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