Credit24 Line of Credit | How to Apply for Line of Credit With Credit24

Credit24 line of credit loan, Credit24 line of credit loan interest rate, Credit24 loans contact number, how to apply, eligibility criteria & requirements

Credit24 offers a Line of credit which is a kind of personal loan. Apply once and access anytime. In this article, we will discuss Credit24 Line of Credit | How to Apply for Line of Credit With Credit24 in detail.

A-Line of Credit is a flexible online loan with a credit limit. you can withdraw from the account when you need money.

Loan App NameCredit24
Type of LoanLine of Credit
Loan Amount$500 to $10000
Loan TenureUp to 36 months
Interest Rate24.90% p.a to 48.00% p.a.
Establishment FeeNIL

When you apply for a line of credit, you will be given an account limit, which you can choose to use all in one go or as little as you need. You have to pay interest for the amount you have withdrawn or used only.

Let’s understand this by an example:

If you are approved for $5000 but only need $3000 right now, you can borrow what you need and pay interest only on that amount. Then, if you need more money in the future, you can take additional cash advances to access the amount you need (up to your $5000 credit limit)

You have to pay the interest-only for the amount and time you choose to borrow. you do not have to receive all the cash at one time since it will be available on an ongoing basis.

Features of Cedit24 Line of Credit Loan

  • Credit24 offers line of credit loan from $500 to $10000.
  • At credit24 the line of credit interest ranges from 24.90% p.a to 48.00% p.a.
  • The loan repayment term is up to 36 months.
  • you only pay interest on the funds you use for the amount of your approved credit limit.
  • It offers personalized line of credit loans based on your credit profile/history and your financial situation.
  • The Repayment frequency is Weekely, fortnightly and Monthly.
  • Money will be transferred to your bank account on the same day of your loan aproval.
  • You can make extra payment and save interest on your loan.

Credit24 Line of Credit Loans Eligibility & Requirements

  • Be 18 years or older.
  • You must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident.
  • You should have a steady source of income. Income proof is needed. must have received a regular income (for the last 90-days).
  • You must have a bank account where money is paid every month and phone number in your name.
  • You should have Internet Banking for the bank account where your income is deposited.
  • You must earn atleast $600 per month and have a reasonable credit history.
  • Income from Centrlink should be not more than 50%.
  • You should not in a debt agreement or about to enter bankruptcy.

Documents that you may need to apply for a loan.

  • Your photo ID documents such as your Australian driving license or Passport.
  • Details of your current and previous (if applicable) employer.
  • Details of your income, assets, expenses and liabilities.
  • If you are self employed you need to show most recent individual tax return and the corresponding notice of assessment from the Australian Taxation Office.
  • last 3 months bank statements.

Credit24 Line of Credit Interest Rate & Fees

  • Interest rate: At Credit24, the Line of Credit interest rates ranges from 24.00% p.a to 48.00% p.a.
  • Establishment Fees: there is no establishment fee.
  • Late Fee: The late repayment fee is $10 per week.
  • Monthly Fee: You have to pay a monthly service fee of 2%-4% of the borrowed amount.
Types of Charges or FeeRate or Payable Amount
Interest RateAt Credit24, the Line of Credit interest rates range from 24.00% p.a to 48.00% p.a.
Establishment FeeNo Establishment fee
Late FeeThe late repayment fee is $10 per week.
Monthly FeeYou have to pay a monthly service fee of 2%-4% of the loan amount borrowed.

How to Apply for a Line of Credit with Credit24?

  • Visit Credit24 official website, select your required amount, repayment terms, choose your credit history and click on the Start Application button.
  • On the next page your name ,date of birth, Mobile number, email address and click on the Sign up button.
  • Next, fill your fill your income & employment details ,enter your bank details, proof of income etc. and submit the loan application.
  • Then, to finalise your loan application and to get some additional details, you will get a call from Credit24 .
  • Once they have all of your information, they will give you a decision on your application.
  • After confirming the details if your loan amount is approved, the fund will be transferred to your bank account within 60 mins.

How Does a Credit24 Line of Credit Application Process Work?

  • Apply: Complete the loan application process online by sharing basic information about your income, employment, personal details, address, bank details etc. it will take only few minutes to fill the loan application.
  • Lending Decision: Once the application process is completed, Credit24 will process your application and provide you a lending decision quickly.
  • Confirmation Call: To finalise your loan application and to get some more information, credit24 Staff person will speak with you.
  • Sign Documents: If your selected loan amount is approved, review, accept it and sign your loan agreements.
  • Get Funds: After accepting & signing the loan agreements, you will receive cash to your linked bank account via Direct deposit within 24 hours to your bank account.

How Credit24 Line of Credit Repayment Works?

Your loan repayments will be debited directly from your bank account on a date that you have agreed to throughout the application process.

In simple terms, It means your regular scheduled payments will be automatically withdrawn from your bank account when your payments are due, so you need not worry about missing a payment.

Make sure to maintain a sufficient balance in your bank account on the due date to avoid Dishonour Fee or NSF (Non-Sufficient Funds).

Credit24 Contact Details

Credit24 Customer Support Contact Number = 1800 091 967

Credit24 FAX Number = 02 8079 0791

Credit24 email address =

Credit24 Sydney office Address:

IPF Digital Australia Pty Ltd
61-63 Great Buckingham St
Redfern NSW 2016

Credit24 Opening Hours | Business Hours =

Monday to Friday = 8 am to 8 pm (AEST)Saturday & Sunday = 9 am to 5 pm (AEST)


In this post, you have learned about Credit24 Line of Credit | How to Apply for Line of Credit With Credit24. I hope this information will be useful in deciding the best lender.

A line of credit is like a credit card, but it is not, its a cash. You apply for a pre-approved cash limit, and once approved you have access to cash right up to that limit. Moreover, you have to pay the interest to the only amount you have used from the limit.

Make sure you are aware of all the fees and charges associated with your line of credit.

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1: How much I can borrow from a Credit24 line of credit?

You can borrow from From $500, up to $10000.

2: Is it possible to top up with credit24?

Credit24 will send you an email or SMS from time to time about top-up if you are eligible for it.
To increase your eligibility, make sure that you make your loan repayments on time and you have a good payment history with your other service providers.

3: Can I repay my line of credit loan early?

Yes, you can pay your account in full at any time without any fees or penalties.

4: How to make additional payments in credit24?

a. Login to credit24 self-service.
b. click on the option Repay Faster at the bottom of your dashboard.
c. It has the bank information as well as your personal reference number to make additional payments.
d. make sure that you use your reference number to ensure that your payment gets allocated correctly.

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