Axis Bank RTGS and NEFT Form PDF Download

Axis Bank is one of the best private sector banks in India providing its services online and offline. In case if you want to transfer the fund offline you need to fill the RTGS/NEFT form. In this article, you will learn about Axis Bank RTGS and NEFT form fill up step by step, how to download PDF format, its charges, and other important topics.

But before let’s understand first what is NEFT and RTGS to understand the topic further.

What is RTGS and NEFT?

RTGS stands for ” Real-time Gross Settlement”.

In simple terms, you can say a settlement happens as soon as it is received. when you send money using RTGS the amount is credited or settled to the beneficiary account immediately without any delay.

The minimum amount you can transfer through AXIS Bank RTGS is 2 lakhs

NEFT stands for ” National Electronic Funds Transfer”.

It is a payment system that allows you to transfer funds to any bank account offline by filling the form. NEFT provides the facility for you to transfer funds less than 2 lakhs to any bank account.

How to Get Axis Bank RTGS and NEFT form

If you are a customer of Axis Bank then you must fill the RTGS/NEFT form in order to transfer money. You can get this form in any branch.

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How to Fill Axis Bank RTGS/NEFT Form Step by Step?

If you look at the Axis Bank RTGS form it has two pages. you need to fill in only the first page. follow the process below to fill Axis Bank RTGS/NEFT form without any mistakes.

  • First, fill in the bank branch name where you have your account and then the Date (should be DD-MM-YY format like 23- 12 -2019).
  • On the Right hand side enter your Bank Account Number.
  • Next Under Remitter details Enter your name, your address, your contact number, email ID.
  • Now Under Beneficiary details, you need to enter the details of the person to whom you want to transfer the desired amount.
  • So, Enter the Beneficiary’s name, Bank name, Branch name, Account number, Reconfirm their account number once, Bank IFSC code, Mobile number or Landline number, Amount you want to transfer (in figures), and in words as well.
  • The next Part is Payment details. you can fill this part if you are transferring the amount to the beneficiary through Cheque or through any of your Axis Bank Account Number. If you are depositing on cash leave this option.
  • Enter your Cheque Number, Amount, and attach the cheque while you submit the form. check the box “yes” if you want to transfer the amount from your Axis Bank savings account.
  • On the left-hand side, you will find Customer Acknowledge space, fill the remitter and Beneficiary details here as well.
  • Do not forget to Sign. check the details one more time before depositing to the bank officials to make sure every information is correct.
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Axis Bank NEFT transfer Charges

The inward transaction is free in Axis Bank RTGS/NEFT transfer.

Outward Transaction AmountCharges
Up to Rs.10000/Rs. 2.50 per transaction
Rs. 10000 to Rs. 1 LakhRs. 5 per transaction
Rs 1 Lakh to Rs. 2 LakhRs. 15 per transaction
Above Rs. 2 LakhRs. 25 per transaction

Axis Bank RTGS transfer Charges

RTGS Outward Transaction AmountCharges
Rs. 2 lakhs to Rs. 5 lakhsNot More than Rs. 30 per transaction
Above Rs. 5 lakhsNot more than Rs. 55 per transaction

Axis Bank NEFT/RTGS transfer timings

Transfer DaysTransfer Time
Monday to Friday (Weekdays)7:00 AM to 5:45 PM
On Saturdays7:00 AM to 5:45 PM

Benefit of NEFT/RTGS

  • Most Safe and Secure way to transfer funds of large amount from one bank to another.
  • NEFT is available 24*7 on internet.
  • NEFT/RTGS form is easily available in any Axis Bank branch.


You have learned about Axis Bank RTGS and NEFT Form PDF Download, How to fill form step by step, its charges, and timings. I hope the above information is clear.

If you have any doubt related to the above information, you can ask in the below comment section. I will be happy to answer them.

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